Saturday, March 17, 2007


I’ve been wanting to resume blogging forever now..but sumhow I wasn’t getting around to do it..Blame it on lack of time, lack of ideas, forgetting my Id, forgetting my password or very simply state the fact..I was plain lazzzy to put all the /emotions/events/minframes I’ve been thru’ the last few months into a written form.
But today as I sit in the airport ..wondering wat to do with all the time I get in the airport/in air these days (coz I finished reading the book I was carrying with me and ya I get a minimum of ½ a day in the airport/plane per week) I decided it was the perfect time to choose to disturbance..n nothing to do!!

Hmm… do I rewind n go back…well the last blog seems to be jus b4 my I could say all that has happened over the last 8 mths (wow!!!! I’ve been married for 8 mths…seems like it wasjus yesterday that Vinod n I began our life together at times..n at times it seems like I’ve been married forever!) OR I could talk abt today..tomorrow and maybe yesterday…. Hmmm let me start with today..

Well..Div shld be on her flight..finally she is coming to the US too..ppl tease us abt being weird n lucky ppl..coz we get to be around each other most of the times..well Touchwood!...n cheers to our friendship wat else can I say!!
Mush was chatting wit me today…n he was feeling bad about all of us going away…n was getting nostalgic.I guess that alwez happens…Good Byes are so hard to say! I guess a plenty of changes started with my wedding..First I got married then Plumpy moved to Pune..n then I moved to Hyd for 2 mths..n then in Dec I came to the US , S got here Jan n now Div has also left thers Guldu n Mush in Blr…well Guys…Blv me its not jus u missing us..we miss U too..(Ya Mush..i agree it mus be a li’l harder for u guys..coz we are all at a new place) But But… its impossible for true Bangaloreans to not miss Blr !!!
I feel it all really depends on the way one chooses to look at life… Gods been Gr8..Vinod coming to Hyd..was such a blessing..coz for those 2 mths we had a ball.. WE..meaning a lot of ppl.. Thnx to varun n wasn’t hard to feel at home from the minute we landed..Mythilli was real friendly too..making outings sooo much more fun!The holiday with Guldu, Mush, Plumpy, Bidisha…well rocking time agn…Sumthing we din really think we wld end up doing! N of crse..cant frgt to mention Div’s visits..n endless tireless games of scrabble or the discovery of Suneesh’s xpertise in Bluff (hahaha..Don get me for tht S)
Back to Blr frm Hyd…I got to make a new frend in office..thnx to my joblessness n frustration abt when I cld travel to the US..n his frustration n wtg to leave the company!! We made an amazing companionship in terms of displaying the “I don care” attitude and cribbing endlessly..Jus got to spend a mth with him…but I knew I had a friend for a long time to come..Wasnt so easy to say bye to him too..n I know both of us were thinking we wish we knew each other earlier!I was so touched when the other day he said I was his li’l sister….really touched..Well Nevis…remain the same whacko insane self u are…coz it takes Crazzy ppl like u to keep the stability in this world!!
Hmm..US of A has been good to me..Its been lots of fun..Its jus 3 months since I got here.. n I have seen so many places already..I plan to blog abt each of the places I have visited soooon.Work is cool..I have got a new profile n it seems pretty interesting and challenging..
One way of looking at this entire scenario is to complain about how Vinod n I are not able to settle down or about how much of traveling I am having to do and how tiring it is… BUT BUT.. another way is to think of the lovely vacation we have been having at different places, about how I get to work in the US and not have to sit at home doing nothing, about how lucky I am to end up with a client close to home, about how I can travel back every weekend, about how Vinod n I wait for Thursdays with xcitement every week…Well perspective does matter! N of crse I do the cribbing at times.. But I prefer having the positive perspective majority of the times.
I remember having an ambition of wanting to travel abroad on work before getting married.But now I know im so glad I’m married to Vinod ‘coz bein all alone in a new country wher u have to start building relationships from scratch isn’t really like eating a can get bloody tough n lonely here..n Touchwood!..i dint have to go thru’ that. I got my job onsite and a wonderful person to share the rest of my journey in Life with at the same time
Of course I miss mom, dad, grandfolks, sums, darling Rishu…tons n tons…But I know they r so proud of me n so happy for me. That makes the difference! Without their well-wishes and support i cldn’t have made it as far as I have today in my professional life. I also miss the Blr carefree life of jus hangin out wit a bunch of frenz, losin our heads over which coffee shop to meet in, mavs, the stoooopid fights wit Vek for absolutely no reason, Pluto times, the sensible Pramod and certified nutcase Shihab ,eating food cooked by mom, silly arguments wit dad, working hard n partying harder..

Well…Life aint a bed of roses and one can’t xpect to have everything in life…U win some n u lose some..I’m jus happy to be where I am , Who I am and with whom I am

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