Monday, June 16, 2008

About the Excitement

As promised, here is why I'm excited.So this update was suppose to come in 2 posts but have been pressed for time. So here goes all in one post..

Well firstly… V n I celebrated our 2nd anniversary this Saturday. Yes, it was a beautiful day. It’s hard for us or family n friends to believe that we have been married for 2 years…Time does fly indeed.Feels like it was yesterday when I was a new bride! As a friend said 2 years of “Unbelievable Togetherness”.

Next..I’m goin on a Break. N naaah I’m not sayin it ‘coz almost every1 in blogshphere seems to have said it n infact gone on a break atleast for a week…but I’m actually taking a break from my day-to-day routine.. yayeeeeee !

I’m flying to India, Bangalore, Home…after 1.5 yrs! I’m so looking forward to it. This is the 1st time I’m going to MY home on a vacation so I’m not sure how it’ll be! I keep hearing about the zillion changes..donno how it’ll be to see it all.

I look forward to see Rishab (sister’s 2.5 yr old son). The last time I saw him was when he was 1 n trying to talk n walk w/o holding anything, quite desperately. He talks so much on the phone these days n seems to have grown so much; I wonder if I’ll be able to recognize him. I really hope he warms up to me soon! I’m dyin to take him shoppin!

I’m dyin to eat food cooked by ma. Infact I’m waiting for my turn to say “Hey, I ll tty later, Mom’s calling me for dinner!” How many of my friends have said this to me in the last year n how jealous I have felt. Only I know!

Sis n mom are taking a break from work while I’m there. So there could be plenty of gurl-talk!

My nana-nani-ji will pamper me so much I know for sure! They used to pamper me when I visited ‘em for summer vacations! N my nani will cry! Tears guaranteed as soon as she sees me n when I’m leaving n mabbe while I’m there. Sigh!

Sis n I will go berserk shopping! (V may cancel my trip if he reads this!!)

Looking forward to catch up with all my loony friends! N turn mad all over again!

Waiting to goto Tirupati.. that’s one place which I must visit. Just a personal belief!

This is the 1st time I’m going to be alone with my inlaws i.e minus V. Damn! I’m nervous! I donno wat I’ll talk to them n so many people ask this Q of me! Any suggestions? They are waiting for me too :) n I’m thinking evverything should go well…n I should prove to be a good bahu ;)

N I have to make some doc visits that I’m not looking forward to. Fingers crossed about that.

Also don’t look forward to fielding Qs on when we plan to have a baby! Damn! I dread that Q n long lectures that’ll follow! But I know its coming!!! n also Qs on what are our plans for future n where we plan to settle. Only if we know can we think about telling people. For starters we donno our plans!

V is not coming. Feel bad about that. I dread the journey all alone n I’m gonna miss him there (atleast at times)! But well..i think the only motivation factor for me to look forward to my trip back from home to here will be V. So not too bad I guess?!?!

But all that matters now is that I’m goin home! Yayeeeeeeeeee! Super excited.

I’ve removed comment moderation as you may have already noticed. So no mean comments please. I have no clue about how often I ll be able to read or write blogs. If I don’t get time there, I’ll catch up wit u all once I’m back! Feel free to let me know that u miss me if u do! I’d love to hear it. How-many-ever times!

U all be good n smiling until the next time :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Taggin myself with this one 'coz i liked it

I am : wat I am!
Excited! (will tell u soon why!)

I think : so much !

I know : that eventually it all happens for the best!

I want : nothing at times and everything at other times!

I have : memories of wonderful things!

I wish : I could undo the last 1 year of a friend’s life n let her start fresh

I hate : nothing!

I miss : the good ol’ times in Blr.

I fear : a special someone’s anger

I feel : our lives have already been planned!

I hear : the unsaid most times

I smell : good food!

I crave : to eat food cooked by mom.

I search : for a reason

I wonder : what’s gonna happen in the next year

I regret : Nothing in my life!

I ache : when near n dear ones are in pain

I m not : into poetry

I believe : perfection is non-existent

I dance : when I’m happy or sad or just like that

I sing : when I’m around people who I’m comfortable with!

I cry : rarely these days

I don’t always : not worry about my weight

I fight : for things that matter to me

I write : what I feel like

I win : at times

I lose : at times

I never : go to a restaurant or movie alone

I always : wear matching ear-rings

I confuse : when I cant convince

I listen : depending on my mood

I can usually be found : on gtalk!

I m scared : when my friends ask me to make decisions for them

I need : to be loved

I am happy about : my upcoming trip

I imagine : all the beautiful things that life will hold for V n me

I tag : Ray-Ray, Solitaire n Harish

Monday, June 09, 2008

Bookish thoughts

Been tagged.
Tag Rules
1. Pick up the nearest book.
2. Open to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people, and acknowledge the person who tagged you.

Found the 5th sentence n the next 3 sentences are: Kinnard said with equal sarcasm, “Have a nice life.” He threw his car into reverse, shot backwards and skidded to a stop. Then he put the engine in drive and tromped on the accelerator.

Those are the lamest 3 sentences! Anywez..wanna guess which book?

N yeah since almost every1 has done this tag over the weekend, I’m not taggin any1.

Talking about books…Would you rather read a story in a book or see a story as a movie?

Personally I’d rather read a book:
It leaves something to the imagination. I mean, the complete visualization is left to ones imagination. The place, the characters all of it!
N a movie lasts just 2.5 hrs. A book definitely lasts longer. There are so many more pgs
A book is more descriptive.

Da vinci Code book was 100 times better than the movie.

Well..I cld go on n on…u tell me wat u like more? n mabbe even egs of books/movies?

BTW , I’m Jealous of all u who are studying n writin xams! I miss those days - combined studies n sleepless nites n maggi during all hrs n the tension n random laughter n the celebration once the xams are over! I miss it all!

I know the grass is greener on the other side!Anywez Good Luck to all of u writing exams or ur thesis!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Seduction by Surpise?!?!

Below is a conversation btw my friend, Horton n a gurl Ashley. The two of ‘em worked together for a while in ACME n that’s how they know each other.

Horton really is the God of Sarcasm n can take someone’s trip without even ‘em realizing it.

6:54 PM Ashley: Hey
How r u today?
How was weekend
6:56 PM Horton: i good
weekend was great
7:00 PM Ashley: What did u do?
7:02 PM Horton: met my gang of friends from ACME
Ashley: Thats great
how r they?
7:03 PM Horton: great
Ashley: U know vanessa got married
She was also from ur gang itself i guess
7:04 PM Horton: i knw
she cudnt come...was busy
7:05 PM Ashley: Yeah, obviously newly married people
7:06 PM Horton: :)
7:09 PM Ashley: Gary married Ann right?
me: yeah
Ashley: How r they?
me: she was also there
7:10 PM Ashley: Nice to see people u know happy
Horton: yeah true
Ashley: I guess i can never be happy
Horton: why?
7:11 PM Ashley: Im soo damn confused abt all the 3 BFs of mine
Horton: 3 BFs?
Ashley: im never serious
Scared to get into marriage
7:12 PM Horton: but u have 3 bfs?
seriously? good appetite
7:13 PM Ashley: not really
I just flirt with them
and not serious
Horton: just flirt?
Ashley: They are serious and thats the problem
7:14 PM I feel soo damn irritated now, what turned out to be a joke has become serious
Horton: all 3 are serious?
and want to marry you?
7:16 PM Ashley: yeah
Cuz they think i like just them as i have not told abt others
My life is in a kind of mess now
Horton: oh
7:17 PM Ashley: So planning to escape to the UK
Horton: who do you like ?
u migrating to UK?
Ashley: im confused
Till this issue settles down
for 6 months
7:18 PM Horton: nice...hope you dont find and charm a british guy there...
i mean...u seem to be insatiable...3 guys n all
Ashley: Oh well
I have already found some
Garry, Jon, Guy and Alexander
Horton: who are they?
Ashley: U can see their pictures in my profile
7:19 PM My best buddies there at the UK
Horton: so they also are fida ovr u?
7:20 PM so u have 7 boyfriends then... :-)
7:21 PM Ashley: not fida but they like me
Ashley: I have changed a lot since then
Horton: is it?
Ashley: yeah
I dont look like that innocent ugly gal anymore ;)
7:22 PM Horton: hey...u never were ugly
Ashley: I felt i was as i put on weight
Horton: naah
Ashley: now i worked out and became better
Im super hot ;)
7:23 PM hehe
Horton: im not surprised...
u must be ultra u have 7 BFs man
how do u manage al that?
Ashley: I worked out and diet
and some grooming needed
7:24 PM Horton: nice
Ashley: and i got into a good job at XYZ which helped me earn loads
Horton: rich and hot...wht more do u need?
Ashley: Then no more loooking back i guess
Horton: nice...
Ashley: I have one more thing to accomplish through
7:25 PM Horton: rich hot confident and a line of BFs
what is that? :D
Ashley: - Im working to also setup a new company
So thats what i wanna accomplish
Horton: hmm...
7:27 PM Ashley: So need to put in a lot of efforts and no time for my BFs
7:28 PM Horton: hmmm
Ashley: Probably u did not know much abt me
7:29 PM and u got to know now
7:30 PM Horton: :)yeah
7:31 PM ure a hot rich woman who is gonna start her own company and has 7 bfs...4 indian 3 uk
7:39 PM Ashley: hehe
not bad, u r a quick learner
7:40 PM Horton: tempted too..
Ashley: stop joking now
Horton: who said im joking?
Ashley: I know that even u r a BIG flirt like me too
7:41 PM ;)
Horton: me? flirt?
Ashley: yeah, i felt u were
Horton: not me
Ashley: oh well, it may be my assumption then
Horton: he he
7:53 PM Ashley: k. Where are you at these days?

7:55 PM Horton: im at New York

Ashley: I mean where in New York?

7:56 PM Horton: East Village

Ashley: okay

Horton: temme

Ashley: what to tell yaar

I was just flirting as usual


7:57 PM Horton: u were?

Ashley: yep

Horton: with me?

yeah rite?

Ashley: yeah

Horton: me....of all people

Ashley: Wats wrong with that

Horton: u have 7 bfs man...and all must be hunks

Ashley: Whats wrong with u?

Horton: and ure hot...why shud u?

nothings wrong with me...hellooooo


Ashley: U r not bad either

U R pretty good looking

Horton: now don say that just coz i said ure hot

i was truthing n ure lying


Ashley: nope i am hot, i stick to that :)

Dont worry thats the truth

7:59 PM Horton: yeah...the truth is dat..ure hot im not

Ashley: oh well

Thats not a problem

U dont have to be hot to flirt

Horton: problem for what?

ha ha....

8:00 PM Ashley: U need to be hot just to get gals do what u want them to do :)

And that you are.

I have seen you in Acme.

You always had a big fan following

Horton: what is that? (I mean make them do wt?)

8:01 PM Ashley: I hope i make sense

If i am hot guys listen to whatever i ask them to do

Horton: no


8:02 PM Ashley: If u are hot, gals will listen to whatever u ask them to do


Horton: oh....

so what all have u made guys do to you?

Ashley: oh well, not much

8:03 PM just to pick me or drop me, sometimes accompany me for shopping

Horton: dats all?

freinds do that yaar

8:04 PM Ashley: I mean my work and relax when im tired of working

Horton: lol

Ashley: oh well, i may want them to do more later

but no time now ;-)

8:05 PM Horton: want to do what?

Ashley: I may want to get wilder later


Horton: wild is so generic...:)

8:06 PM Ashley: yeah, i guess u need to clearly tell me what u want me to do ;)

Horton: me??

Ashley: So i would follow ur instructions

Horton: i don want you to do anyhting...c'mon

8:07 PM im just asking out of curiosity

N at this point my Very wise Friend said he had to go and blocked her for good on chat. The first part, I was laughing at the conversation n in the 2nd part towards the end..i wasn’t sure if I wanted to laugh or cry!

U tell me wat u think and I ll post what I think as an update to the post.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Devils as Friends

Now most of my dear friends are devils! They really are! They love embarrassing me, teasing me, plotting against me. It brings them so much of joy, that I let them entertain ‘emselves. There are 2 friends in particular. One from School. One from College. Who this post is about.

She n I studied in the same school since KG. She‘ll forget my B’day. Her B’day is almost exactly a month after mine n there have been years when the lights begin to blink only after I wish her for her B’day! She’ll just not keep in touch! At times it’ll feel like she just doesn’t care. We both have had major arguments. Been without talking to each other for months together.
But she’ll make up in a grand manner. Her cards to me are mostly hand-made. Her Sorry cards are sooo from the bottom-of-her-heart. The card she gave me before my weddin was so beautiful with a collage of both our pics from the childhood days and wonderful words. (This gurl has her way with words). I was the first friend to talk to her then To-Be fiancée. N i couldn’t u’stand why! I didn’t know she had so much regard for me! She had told him that she had had wonderful childhood days with me! Crazzzy Gurl, she never did tell it to me that way!

He n I met in college. Typical Hindi movie style we had a zillion real bad fights before we grew to b’com such thick friends! He has made me cry so much! n then got angry that I cried and didn’t make the effort to make me feel better. He would call me a day after my B’day! He would refuse to let me ride with him on his bike at times. He would tell me how much he hates Bangalore!
But he was the one who would make me laugh so much as well. I could (n can) tell him absolutely anything under this planet. He would be so caring n protective at times, that it would surprise me. He would send me these sweet sorry mails and the grammar in his mails would be all messed up making me laugh n forget my anger! He has a special nick for me which he uses once in a while. He knew I loved cards n so gave me 2-3 of ‘em at one time. His reaction to the news of my Marriage was so …hmm I can’t find the right word…but he was happy for me n scared we wouldn’t be as good friends that we were. (Touchwood! We yet have what we had!) His gf complained to me that he had been cryin so much when I was leaving Blr. He visited me here in the US!

I so often make a strong resolve not to talk to these 2 people ‘coz of how much they hurt me. I’ll be so mad at them for days n weeks n months. But I can never quite keep the resolve. They woo me back into friendship in great style that I find it so hard to resist. I find it hard to imagine life without them! Well some relationships are worth the pain ‘coz of the joy they bring to Life. Hope the friendships last forever!

Similarities between these 2 are that they are both Gemini, they are over-confident about our friendship n both are getting married in Dec this year (To different people)!!!!
I’m sooooooooo xcited n happy for them! Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it to either of their weddings but all of my thoughts this Dec will be with them, I’m hoping to spend some good time and share grand hugs with them when I goto India.