Friday, January 14, 2005

Im so Loved…..

Ahh..I’m sorry if u guyz getting bored ..2 blog updates on same day..coz I don’t get to update it so often thanks to my work schedule….
Well my title probably has most of u thinking how pompous I am..but honestly..No that’s not the intention..This update is jus for me to read when Im down n think Im all alone in this world..n realize how stupid Im bein…n to make u all think of people who lov u..

To mention a few people who make me feel on cloud no 9 without any effort..

For starters my Mom..We may have a hazar quarrels..but shez alwez around for me..I feel really bad coz I ve somehow become so bizi with my own Life.but she waits n makes sure I have dinner even when I return at 12 PM from office..Thanks Mom(Though I know ur not gonna be reading this but I believe u ll somehow realize this is how I feel)

Then the most important person in my Life my Sis..Come wat may she is the world to me..n a large part of the person I am today is thanks to her…

N then my world of frenz..who give me happiness..
All of u guyz who love readin my blog..n ask me now n then for updates..

Hmm..Harish..well..he just has to know that therz something which ll make u happy..n if its within his scope..if its somethin he can do..he will do it..To take a recent example..Well he gives me missed at nite before he goes to work around 2 PM coz it jus kinda gives a kick-start to my day when i wake up the next morn n see his missed..
n yeah..If Harish is ur frend u get the complete package..the gud n bad..which is probably the best n worst part of it..Lov u Plumpy n sorry for u know wat!!!

Then..Div..coz of who Im probably yet walkin around as the Pavithra I was..She has been ther thru thick n thin..Literally!!!coz I have had maximum fun with her n I know I can turn to her when Im sad.We both have grown to care so much for each other..that even if its broad daylight..we give each other a missed to signify that we have reached home safetly(n to think one of my frenz thought I was checkin on her, when I asked her the same Q..That really broke my heart!!)
Div n S..Both of ‘em have alwez been so caring..When I hang out with ‘em I somehow feel Im in the company of a mature couple..who are such gud fun!We have been out to quite a few places together..Bryan Adams they have dropped me home so many times.Thnx guyz..seriously u donno the no. of times u ve made a diffenrence to a bad day..Hopin n Prayin for the 2 of u guyz..n my friendship with u!!!

N last but surely not the least Anu..the reason for me writin this blog..On Tursday I was in office till 11 PM..hvg an extra long n tiring day..n I jus wanted to read a gud thought before I left for the day..n so I opened anu’s mail which had the subject “ODE” expecting to read some good literatue..Only after I opened the mail did I was an ODE TO ME!!!!well words wouldn’t be enuf to express how I felt..Here is the poem she wrote for me..which she sez she couldn’t give a complimntary close to..

she is a little girl
with a big heart
it is her traits i unfurl
and here i start

Proud to call her "Dame Kindness",
Ah! she is so nice!
Verily gives out love in blindness
In short, she is a person without vice!!

Well..It made me realize wat matters is people who lov n care for u..It is important to acknowledge n feel gud about the lov u receive rather than wastin tears on lov which u yearn to get..It is necessary to give love to receive it..but is it possible practically to give without expecting anything in return????Guess that calls for another blog….

So until the next time..

To Bindu n Viv

For those who don’t know who these 2 people are..Bindu is one of my closest skool frenz..a crazily sane gurl..n viv….well trust me none of u would believe me if I told u how we became frenz..but hez one awesome frend..n hmm..the craziest guy on the surface of this earth!!!!

Now y am I suddenly dedication a blog to ‘em..hmm..coz they made the 5th of Jan ’05 one of the most precious memorable dayz for me..n a hazar other things…Well we went out for dinner that day..Viv treated us at Leela..The grandeaur of the restaurant is not wat makes it memorable for me but the tour Viv gave us round the place..(U agree with me on that Bindu?) He took us to the Leela kitchen n all over the place n then when I fell of the stairs both of ‘em were more worried about the Camera in my hand!!!!(Yup..I yet call ‘em friends!!!)

It was so carefree..Viv dropped me back home around 11PM..n even mom knew about no guilt/fear pangs..jus an awesome time..Well when it comes to these 2 people..we don’t keep in touch regularly not every day/month..but somhow when we catch up.even if its after a year..therz no disconnection..its jus like continuing a conversation we had left halfway thru the last time..

Bindu has almost alwez forgotten my B’day..forgets to wish me for Diwali(But this year she did!!)..but I know that’s her..n ours is a long n true friendship(Tocuhwood Bindu!!!)
Viv..aahh..wat can I say..a person whoz kinda changed so much about my life..a person who I think very few people have really understood..With due respect to all my frenz…I think hez one person who kinda defines Friendship..He never calls me or anything..Its alwez me who calls him….on his bday,Xmas n new Years…Im sure he doesn’t even know my b’date….but I know that if im ever so stuck in Life n I need major help..he will NEVER EVER let me down…Thnx for givin me this kinda confidence Viv...

Donno how long we ll be in touch(Viv wont even be reading this blog!!)But I know we ll never forget each other..N Bindu..ahhh we have a long path in front of us..thru out which we ll be there for each other!!!!

Lov ya guyz