Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Pursuit of My Happyness :-)

Hmm..this title is special for a couple of reasons...
1) Firstly it was Vinod's n My 1st movie ‘alone’ 'together'...the ones before this were with a bunch of frends...
2) It was my 1st movie in the US of A..
3) I looooooooov Will Smith
4) His kid is a Daaaaaaaaaaaarlin..awww..so cute!
5) Its an amazin story...a must-watch..we njoyed the movie a lot
6) n Finally i like the way 'happyness' is spelt!

I'm at that point of my Life again..when i'm all excited n eager...Vinod n I are moving our base to Baltimore on July 29th(less than a week away)..we finally are gonna have 'OUR HOME' (Rented of course!)
We are finally settlin down..atleast for a while…

Therz no more gonna be weekly travels n that feels sooooooo good…U have no idea how good ,unless u’ve been in these shoes. Believe me! This implies..no more endless waiting hours in various airports, no more wakin up in the wee hours of the morning on Mondays, n no more reaching at obscene hours on Thursday nites…n for Vinod..No more cookin!

And the more exciting part is settin up our home..I’ve never done that before..never stayed at a place permanently, so we could set it up the way we wanted. Hyd was for 3 mths..n Vermont..was a studio aptment wher most things were provided n the rest, we din really want to buy ‘coz we din know for how long we were gonna be there.We knew we would be Shifting sumtime. Of course before that I was livin with ma-pa…n settin up that home is a completely different thing…’coz I wasn’t ther to start from scratch n I wasn’t contributin financially.
Now we have to shop for EVERYTHIN..rite from the Crockery to mattress to television to all the furnishins…and Shoppin for anything is fun n xcitin ..not jus clothes n shoes ;-) Tho of crse..it creates holes in the pockets!!

The place looks really nice with hi-fi security n all..u can see the pic,one of those houses is ours!! It has a mall with Macys n JC Penny less then .3 miles away..so yayyyyyyeeee.. N well..it has a gym n a pool…..I’m gonna try work out…n I donno swimming:-(

Its exciting to have a new bunch of neighbours..My Mangaer in India is also movin in about a mile away from my place..so that’s nice..I’ll have company before we can make new friends.I’ve heard there are a decent no. of Indians in the apartment.

Also my friends at work tell me..there are plenty of places to visit n hazar things to do in Baltimore/Virginia/DC..so lookin forward to all that. Another advantage about bein in Baltimore is, its at a central point..DC,Virginia,Delaware are all soo close and NYC,NJ are jus abt 3 hrs or lesser away..So thts reallie niceee..will get to see many more places.!

I’m sure I’ll miss sumthings we used to do up in Vermont, like the innumerable hike trails less than a mile away from home, the Ben n Jerry ice-cream, Main Street, The Jewellery shop on Main Street, Burlington, drives to the countless lakes n other scenic places less than 2 hrs away from Vermont, Our landlord Rose n her funny tantrums n of crse the safety around the place (We hear Baltimore is not xactly known for safety!)

The first time a significant change was happenin in my life is in the year 2000…when I was to join college after 14 yrs of school and when I had to change my residence..after the same no. of yrs…I remember..i was so depressed..not wantin to let go of the beautiful moments n memories I had…But since then…things have been only getting better n plenty of things have changed.
Specially with all that’s been happenin over the last 1 year..I realize..changes no more scare me..they jus make me look forward to new things..

Hopin for a new load of gr8 moments…