Thursday, March 03, 2011

Just Sayin
I have had so many many many posts in my mind..but life has gotten so busy. Find it hard to make the time to write. Today I’m down with fever, cold, cough and so am working from home..and so using the opportunity to write in my space. last year many of you may have suddenly noticed that girls across the globe were updating their status on FB with the name of a color.. ‘Red’. ‘Blue’. ‘off-white’,’black’. I know I did and was a while before I caught on, and like me many of you may have eventually learnt that this was for breast-cancer awareness and girls had to update the color of their bras. Some people criticized it and the rest said it was a ‘Fun’ way to spread awareness. Personally, I was on the fence and couldn’t make up my mind.
This year.. several messages and emails were sent over the last weekend asking girls to update their status with the name of a fruit depending on what their relationship status was, this again to spread awareness about breast cancer. There were not as many updates as the last time. I wonder why? How is this less fun than putting up ur bra color? I donno, I feel like those who updated their status last year, but didn’t this year…were not really concerned about spreading any kind of awareness! So, Not cool , I say !!