Friday, March 20, 2009

Favor for the Sis!!

The sister of mine…I lover her…n she knows n so she takes advantage! She NEVER has time to come online or send photographs of our li’l angel(her 3yrd old) or herself(I want to see her too, now that she is expecting another angel). N that son of hers wants ALL of her [atleast] when she returns home from work at night and that part of the weekend that she’s at home. She attends phone calls more often than she used to these days but doesn’t have the time to write or respond to emails.. Alas, the excuse is shez a mommy n has a job(that demands 11 hrs of work everyday) n hardly has any time for herself…n WE ALL ( Dad, mom, I, few friends n sumtimes her hubby!) fall for her [lame] excuse n instantly forgive her!

Anyways yesterday I suddenly see an email from that gurl sitting in my inbox! I was shocked (ya, not pleasantly surprised!)n open it INSTANTLY! It talks about voting for sumone yada yada..I sigh n crib to the hubby “All that she can email after decades n centuries is this?!?!.. a forward??? N she tells us all STRICTLY to not send her any forwards!The guts of the woman!!!”.. n then today there is a follow-up email saying “ Pavi, Sorry. Pls vote for that guy and send this to as many friends as possible. Also please publish this on ur blog if u can. Am in a hurry. Longer mail later. Sorry. U know I love u”
Ya ya, I know she loves me!!! N I also know the longer mail is NEVER coming…but yet if my sis sent 2 mails abt sumthing…I’m sure as hell its sumthing SUPER important for her.. so guys, can u PLEASE read the below post and do as instructed? Pretty Please! N ya once u vote….my sis will owe u all one..just like she owes me!!!

PS: The Request for the vote is on a separate post ‘coz she wanted me to send the link to her once I publish it…and I’m not quite sure what she wants to do with it…but I didn’t want all this personal info to be with it!

Vote for the Indian

A contest is happening in Australia called “The best job in the World” for which millions around the world had applied. Now, 50 ppl have been short-listed and among them an Indian – Anjaan, popularly known as RJ Anjaan from Radio One, Bangalore, has also got featured. Now, to go further he needs YOUR SUPPORT. So do vote for him and support another Indian to attain great heights at the world arena.

Vote for him at

Pass this onto your friends as well. The last date for voting is March 23 and you can vote for him multiple times from the same id, but only once in 24 hrs. So everyday (if you want to) you can vote for Anjaan once from the same id.

/*Thanks a Bunch..u all!*/

Thursday, March 12, 2009

M Alive!!!

Hey guys..Hope life is treating u all well. The reason that I am not writing regularly is that I do not like anything I write. There are a few posts in draft mode and several which have gone to the thrash! N then of course the lazy bug bites me n so I don’t even attempt !
It’s not right that I simply vanish…n so thought I ll keep u guys posted that I’m very much alive n will post whenever I come up with decent reading material!

Meanwhile..wat is it with some people??? Therz some who want to pretend that everything and everyone about their life is PURRFECT and the rest who what to WHINE about everyone and everything! (No) complaints (galore) about the hubby/bf, the in-laws, the friends, the work, the length of weekends, the children, the snow, the rain, the increasing job-insecurity, the pay-cut, the hair-fall, the boredom, the hectic life, the acne, cooking decisions, ever-increasing waist-line, lack of time, too much time…..and the list goes on n on n on !
Can someone please enlighten these people about Striking the Balance!