Saturday, May 13, 2006

The "V" factor - Part I

Vinu has gone to have his I thot wat better time than now to finally start updatin about the V factor...its been pendin for v.v.v long now!!As far as I can recollect i think this should have 4 parts...

k here goes part I..

V- Vikram..Back to class V or VI in skool...i thot he was a v.cute guy..guess u cld call it my 1st n a v.gud frend of mine Shireen Warickoo had the same opinion rgdg him n so kept talkin abt him....

class VII all vanished...he was the talk coz we are clasmates n know each other kinda friend

Later on..Couldn't believe that my 1st infatuation would be soooooooooo bad!!!Somehow grew to get v.v.v. irritated by the guy...din have a high opinion of him

NOW..God knows where he is!!!I really hope he doesnt read this blog!!!

Weddin Updates

Fianlly....I have started my preprations for my of today its gonna b xactly a month....
Everyone's been askin me if I'm xcited...but I think I'm more worked up about gettin everythin done on time...Plumpy told me "Pavi, the rest of Blr also has to shop...pls spare somethin for 'em!!" n ironically I feel I haven't completed 50% of my shoppin!!!he aslo said he plans to open a "one stop" weddin mall...seein my current situation!!
Hm..Anusha was the 1st person to get my weddin invite on 12th may...Did quite a bit of invite distribution today....(pls note when i say quite a bit i'm saying that relative to zero, teh previous figure!!)Spend some time wit vek today..gave him nice gaali n ate Manick bhaiiya's food...another 2 accomplishments for the day!
n as far as xcitement is concerend..well I'm more xcited abt 9th...its gonna b a BIGGG day for me..
Hmm..i've signed into orkut...n m presently glad/happy that i'e got back in touch witsoooo many of my old skool frenz!
Hopin to continue wit my weddin preps in full swing...its a funfull n tirin experience!

To be Bride

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Bad start.....

Yesterday was in a well-spent day....this was a b'day which for various reasons I thot wouldn't be too good...n for various reasons i desperately wanted it to be gud...
But as luck would have it..though 5th was gr8..6th turned out to be miserable:-((( I couldn't execute wat was planned as part of my B'day celebrations..thnx to some events....Don wanna talk abt all of that in detail....but feelin sick abt it.....its extremely depressin..coz if I were to recollect my last B'day as a spinster at any point of time this is one of the 1st things that 'll come to my mind..about not bein able to do sumthin..sumthin which my frenz took sooooooo much of an effort to plan n execute..sumthin which I so badly wanted to do n couldn't do!!!!

n i'm somehow back to having only my blog to crib abt this too...

Monday, April 10, 2006

Finally awake frm my lonnnnng slumber...

Its been ages..i know....acually the title is sooooo incorrect...I've hardly been able to catch enuf sleep forget long sleep!!!!
well....lifez on a roll....the reason for which I will mention in my next which i intend to let out my secret regardin the V factor...
Work is super bizi...goin gud...but waitin to get some important updates..
Personal life is super bizi weekends are spent travellin or on the net...I don remember the last time that i lazed around...had so much time in my hands to be able to do nothin!!!!so many frenz to meet much of shoppin to do.....but but..m i complainin....nowez...M sure I'm gonna look back at the first half of 2006 as the time when I ve managed to so sooooo many things in Life!!Its gud to be on ur toes once in a while....
Went to Bandipur wit my project lot the Apr 8th-9th weekend..was gr8 fun....m sure better days r on thier way....

Time to run along now.....


Friday, February 17, 2006

To Shorty.......

Every day I login,
wearily to my messenger.
To start a day of dull chores,
that never seem to falter.

The only thing that peps me,
and keeps me going all day.
It’s my sweet friend in MSN,
who chats in a sweeter way.

Every time I go mad,
I just click on her name.
Talk to her for few minutes,
and she makes me feel sane.

Sometimes when going's tough,
and life is full of madness.
You need a kindred soul,
to talk you out of this mess.

Some people have parent,
and pals so cool and hearty.
Who do I have to do that?
Of course, my friend shorty.

She may look tiny,
trust me that’s just altitude.
What she dint get in height,
she makes up in attitude.

She’s a bundle of common sense,
mature beyond her age.
Oh,don't think she’s always sweet,
sometimes she rocks with rage.

and if you think she’s all serious
wait till you know her well
she’s also lot of fun and laughs
and pull your legs so well

She’s also a major flirt
has crushes on evr1 guy she has met
some one who likes her t-shirt
and someone who makes omlette

Never met anyone
who’s so spicy and sweet
holds you when you fall down
and puts you back on your feet

I am so glad I met her
and don want to lose her till the end
you don’t know how lucky you are
to have Pavi as your friend.


This one was for me from Plumpy impromptu while we were chatting one morning....Its a major ego-booster!!!
Thought I should add it to my blog coz..well..jus for the heck of it!!!


The V Factor

Lotssssssssssssssssssssss n Lotsssssssssssssssssssssssssss n Lotssssssssssssssssssss n..... more will b updated on this soon....keep lookin out :-)


Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Jus Updates...

Its been long...well...lets see...wat has happened since the last li'l angel..(I also call him Gol-Gol these days..hehe) doin well...n keeps me entertained most of the time..he n my sis vl b lvg to Chennai on the 23rd of feb..not feelin too gud abt tht...evenings mite bcom quite empty....

hmm..o/w life has been gud in Jan..jus lazin around ..not doin too much wrk...n leadin life!..went to Tuscan Verve n a drive to chamundi hills on 7th was quite a bit of fun...Dolly n I have got back in touch with each other...feelin gud abt it...

hmm..Feb..aha...normal confusin life begins!!!!!!!well Feb 1st for starters mite turn out to be one v.imp day in my life...for 2 reasons..1 xtremely gud n 1 xtremly bad.. won't talk too much abt it now..have to keep it for laters!n actually thtas how this mth is turnin out to be...everytime sumthin about which I feel v.gud happens therz an almost immediate n opposite reaction!!!i really don want this trend to continue....

I was jus scannin thru my previous blogs(coz i mite have someone new to my life readin it..n i wanted to chk if it all sounds k)...n noticed tht for all the happiness in the 1st half of '05 actually 3/4th the year of '05 a lot of not too pleasant things happned at the end of they year...pls God let his yr not b like this!

ya i went to Guruvayur.Feb4th-5th..was a nice trip..have alwez wanted to go to tht temple..Also it was abt 10 of us frm CVG..went to some waterfalls n stuff..was gud fun!Needed the break

Professional life hasn't been goin gr8...tht too is of gr8 concern to me...i hope it settles n lady luck continues to smile upon me!

keepin the smile n faith