Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Festival of lights!

It’s that time of the year! My fav festival is here.. love how we have so many festivals before…leading up to the excitement and then of course Christmas and New Year following up, before we put the festive spirit to rest.
A good 2-3 months of new clothes, yummy food, meeting people, parties and lots more non-stop fun stuff…

This festival of cheer and hope never fails to bring a smile on my face and excitement in my life :)

This year we threw a Diwali party 2 weeks earlier. Everyone loved the décor, food, games and everything. so ya, we had a good time! The coming weekend..we have a Diwali party to attend on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening. Can’t wait to get dolled up ! How are you guys going to celebrate?

Wish all of you, who yet visit this space a Very Happy Diwali !