Thursday, September 27, 2007

Nothing's Permanent but Change !!!

When I think of the sudden changes happening in Life, the rude surprises..or shld i be saying Rude shocks..I , actually We(Vinod n I) seem to be getting in Life...I can't help but stress out n crib. Other than our Wedding , we have not been able to plan anything since 2006. Its been "Accept What you Get" for a long long time now. It gets super confusin n frustratin when u can't be sure of wat's going to happen or wher ur gonna be in the next 2 weeks...after every 3 - 6 months..Though I must admit, most of the things have eventually turned out to be good. I don belive in Regrettin anything..absolutely anything in Life ! I strongly feel there is a reason and Mind You, a positive Reason for Everything that happens. The key is to be patient n not lose faith n let God do his Job