Thursday, January 22, 2009

Back Up Plan

Firstly Thank You All…for coming back to read me and not forgettin me. I know I’m not updating my blog as often as I should..well I never have done that..but still…I feel like saying Sorry, this time around! I have been swamped since the beginning of this Year…Work has been hectic. VERY HECTIC. Guess I should be thankful that I have a job and be glad to be busy. .So, no complaints.
Weekends have been busy with outings or cooking or simply trying to keep ourselves warm! Ya this year we have had all time lows.. It went down to -40 F last week n of course the cake has to have an icing… the heater in our home stopped working over the weekend, when the temp was lowest. How did we survive? No clue! But ya we are alive!

At the end of Dec my company laid off over 10 people. That and all else that’s going on with the economy has resulted in “Back-Up Plan” being the most common topic of discussion. Over the last few months I’ve noticed most Indians, even bachelors mention having their savings to fall upon for a few months .To most phirangs the concept of savings seem alien.

I think most of us desis have grown up believing that savings is a must for a safe n good future. I’m not the kind of person who says give up ur present day fun just ‘coz u have to save up for a future which is anyway not certain. But at the same I’m totally against the kinda person who takes a loan to go shopping and attend parties, the kind who’s expenses are more than their income on a constant basis. My conscience wouldn’t let me borrow money that I don’t ABSOLUTELY need and that I can’t be certain of returning. Neither do I like anyone doing that with my money.

A friend(student in the US) told me her dad’s advise to her was to always have a bank balance enough to be able to purchase a ticket to India at any given time. I loved the advice. Think it’s very justified and sensible. Most of us are far away from our family..and ‘coz we never know wat will happen…shouldn’t we alwez have the minimum funds necessary to be with them in their times of need?

Our parents lived a lifestyle so they could save for us, their children. They made many sacrifices. Was that required? Not Really. Should we give up our present day fun to provide for our children’s future? Guess Not. Do present generation parents save money to be able to provide for their children 10 years later? I donno, mabbe it’s a parental instinct?