Monday, December 26, 2005

My li'l Angel arrives...

I'm finally an aunt...Yipeeeeeeeeeeeee!My sis had a baby boy on the 15th of Dec.The li'l angel is a sheer never tires me to keep lookin at him..n of now he's a sleepin beauty..all that he does is sleep!!lucky chap..wish I too could do that!On 25th was his namin cermony..n he's called Rishab...Rishab G Chari...i think it sounds cool :-)Jus hope n pray that he becomes a gud human being and is able to hold his own in this big bad world!

Hmmm...this is my last blog for this year....n retrospecting on the year gone by...well..2005 has been mostly a decent year..a few fun trips..the best holiday till date with my family..loads n loads of studies(thnx to Symbi n CSQA)..gud on the workfront..actually nothin too eventful..n thats gud in a a way...Compared to wat 2004 was..and 2006 is goin to was the perfect break!

But somehow as the year comes to an end there is this depressing feeling..though most things around me are goin gud.I'm not sure why i go thru this syndrome pracically every year!Is it the same wit any of u all?Or am i sufferin from some disease?!?!

Yup..I think 2006 is goin to be a big year for me...m xpecting lot of things to happen..personal life as well as professional life...Will leave everyone to speculate on wat's about to happen...but while u speculate make sure u don forget to send a silent prayer for everything to be gud...

Wishin everyone on planet earth a beautful 2006...Hope n pray that only the best happens in each one of ur lives!

Cheers & Smiles

Friday, December 09, 2005

Happy B'day to my Blog!!!

A year back after lots n lots of persuasion Plumpy created "Shorty Speaks" for its been a year..n my blog has managed to stay alive!!! i.e. even if I don do regular updates...i come back once in a while to pen or rather key my thoughts....

The year gone by has been mostly good...a few fun trips...lots n lots of studies...n good though hectic on the work front..n of crse loads of weddings..Since mid-Nov I've been attendin a weddin every weekend!!!

As for the last month..well..time for Symbi have to study again boo hoo:-((( Don have much plans of celebratin New Year's this time...n well....of crse waitin for the li'l angel-my niece/nephew...the suspense is actually killin me...jus hopin n prayin for all to go well..

Guess the next time I ll be bloggin is to talk about the arrival of a beauty on this until then....

Happy Last month of 2005 to ya all....n keep the spirits high..coz Dec is a month for celebrations!!