Thursday, February 24, 2005

A simple Q...

Well this ones gonna b a real short blog...compared to my previous ones

Since V-Day have been ponderin over this question...Well for the record i dont believe in this Valentines Day concept..n hate all the hype created over it..I think its damn stoopid n well, has trivialized love...
Coming back to my Q....I have never known n completely been satisfied with any definition of love..but I read a certain definition rather Q about love in the paper..which has got me thinking...n that is ..
"What is the difference between the love one has for their parents/friends and the love one has for hmm..the so-called 'life-partner'?(Am not able to think of any other appropriate word)Is it only the physical aspect? "

I know for all of u in love n for those of you who are strong-believers of love, this would sound very wrong..but personally after lots n lots of thinking, havent been able to come up with a satisfying answer opposing this statement.

Pls feel free to let me know ur thoughts/opinions on this..infact plz plz plz...give me an ans!!!!!

love(n u readin rite)

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Jus Like That!

Hmm..Its about 11:22 PM 43 seconds and am in office.Dead tired...M waitin for some update from my boss..n dont feel like doin "WORK" so thought i ll add to my blog...So wat do i write about.....
Actually..its kinda weird...coz I ve notcied most ppl (including me) blog happy moments, sad moments or a couple of hi fi thoughts alias I thought of bloggin "Jus Like That".Nothin new or spl or sad or happy is happenin in Life..its the same ol' mundane routine.or probably its my fault that I have made it the same ol' routine!!!May be I'm not puttin in any effort to make Life intrestin for me...But how do i do that??????????
But hey.....Am damn excited about my Delhi Trip....Mar 30 8 PM m off to Delhi....cant' wait...Im gonna be seein my Sis..aftter about 10 mths..n Tarun..after more than a year..phew!!!!!

Yeah..Talkin about Tarun...I should add an important lesson Ive learnt..thnx to him..I remb he left Blr on Jun 28th '03..the 1st of my classmates to leave after exams..a day after the exam..hardly giving us any time to catch up n chill out with him..I cried like crazzy n felt really awful..coz somehow I had grown very close to him(Hes one of the most selfless helpful persons Ive known) n thought that was the last Im gonna see of him..n we would be in touch only for a lil while n it would gradually fade out..

Its the next day morn..Thought i ll finish this blog n then get started with here goes...

Tarun n I managed to keep in touch.He came down in August for a short while n then left to London..Was depressed then too..thinking..with the seas between us..we cant really be the gr8 frenz we were in collg...But somehow..Tarun n I have ALWEZ been in touch...n hv been updated about each others lives..After the experience with him I believe distance is not all that gr8 a factor..If the relationship matters..distance can do nothing to it....
Of course when Some one whoz been a part of my daily life leaves Blr i yet feel bad...but not insecure not depressed..coz i know its upto us to make it last!
Thnx for this Valuable lesson tarun!!
"To meet n Depart is the Way of Life
To Depart n meet is the hope of Life"

Was I gonna write this blog "Jus Like That"..Initially I had nothin to write..well ther seems to be a zillion experiences n lessons n so much about Life that every thought n action brings in a memory....which one want to relive..

Bye until my next thought......