Friday, December 31, 2004

All that starts has to come to an End!!!

Awesome Start n Depressin End…

Well my 1st blog talks about happy I was..n then therez this sudden feeling of sadness…
Acually the month n the week specifically was awesome..we had this theme dressin in I wore my fav white salwar n also a saree after ages..Yest we went to country club from off..everythin was nite I partied at Spinn with my bro ravi..etc..well things couldn’t get better..n that’s in the true sense!!!

There was Tsunami…which really was depressin..Why the hell did so may thousands of people have to die for no fault of theirs..n yet I’m a li’l selfish I had kept the option of partying open…sayin “If I sit back at home are their lives gonna get any better?” well I dint get permission from my folks at home to go to those places as a volunteer, though I had that option with me.But naah..i was yet selfish n then partying got cancelled n one of my dearest frenz ever..hmm..her grandmom passed away..
well I donno wat I’m feelin sad about..the frend…or..hmm..i really donno the reason..n that’s wat scares me the most..coz going by my last blogs logic..when there is no single reason..the feelings gonna last longer
Hmmm..but according to my new theory..All that starts has to come to an end…In a negative happiness is kinda not there any more..but positively..well my sorrow can’t remain for too long!!!!It has to come to an end once its started.. Wind up…Wishin the world a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

On second thoughts…. whats in a new year, ..its just another tomorrow waiting to unravel its mysteries n surprises for us.

Bye until the next Year….

Smile..It makes people wonder wat your upto!!!

The million $ Question..High on life!

Let me start by giving u the chat(Yahoo n MSN) display names are “I’m High On Life” n then came my first blog…That’s it..since then I’ve had sooo many people askin me the reason for my happiness..There are some who wanted to know if I was in love..n then some thought I had got a promotion..n some(mostly close friends) well couldn’t pinpoint a single reason n so kept ponderin over why I was “High on Life” and why I was so happy…The truth is..There is no Reason..I swear.I was happy for no particular was how my heart felt..n that’s precisely why it lasted for so long…
In between there would be these dayz when I used to feel a li’l low..n then a messenger window would pop up sayin “Hi miss..’HIGH’ “ n then I used to feel guilty of bein sad n get happy thnx to all u guyz..coz u kinda helped me sustain that elated feelin of joy
So..for all u guyz who questioned me..thats the answer..thats the trick..u feel the way u want to feel…sometimes we all romanticize n njoy our sorrow..well ok once in a while..but otherwise..its gud to feel happy..n it’s the best when there is no particular reason..coz when theres is a source n reason for joy..well my experience sez..that kinda joy has a very short life…
So hopin to c a lot more joyous faces…..for longer periods of time…


Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Defeat is a Temporary Condition..Giving Up is wat makes it Permanent!!!

Listen to My Heart or Head....

Hmm...m at office..Jus thought i ll put in a li'l note before i leave.....

M lookin forward to the week ahead,a lot of celebrations have been planned at office..On saturday we decorated office..Felt gud..was recollectin Teachers day at school..when we used to be so enthusiastic about such things n put in so much of energy n effort into it...thers a star hangin above my head n one on my comp..(probably thats wat is keepin me at office)
Was suppose to meet a friend today..but din't coz hez bizi..well not feelin too gud about it..but ..Mayb i ll feel like meetin him whn hez free to meet me..Gosh..These dayz i have such crazzyy n severe mood swings!!!
I've learnt so many things the hard way in Life..but yet i can't help listenin to my heart n not my head...The only problem with listenin to the heart is that it brings temporary happiness n a lot of painful memories..but if u listen to your head..I guess you ll keep thinking that there is somethin which you probably should have done but din't do in life..Hmm..i think i ll listen to......ahhh...m not able to make a decision..
(Guess I wldn't have made sense to most of u!!!)


Sunday, December 12, 2004

All Humans are like the Moon, they have a dark side to them which they never show to anyone….SO STOP FEELIN GUILTY!!!

My First Blog!!

Dedicated to Harish…Hez the friend who created this blogspot ID for me..Guess the blog-name should suggest!!n of course hez successfully n finally done this for me after 3 months of requestin ,orderin ,threatening n wat not!!! Must admit I ve been lazi to create one for myself...
N the inspiration for me to have a blog for myself is his Blog…I mean those li’l notes bring out a side of him which I initially never knew existed !!!
Thnx Plumpy…Frend Forever Shorty!!
N for the rest of u guyz..well can’t promise that u will see unseen sides of me in this blog..its gonna be pretty much GUD OL’ its TRUE SENSE!!!
This is for near n dear n close friends..who probably won’t mind spending sometime reading all my ramblings ..n most importantly for myself..when I want to look back at Life!!
Hmm…Since dec 1st I’ve been crazily satisfied n happy with Life…n I’ve made up my mind to make the most of this month..No clue why this sudden urge to live every moment happily!!! Well this year has been a very TRYIN year for me..Have a learnt a lot n am feelin my age after ageesss..I think the last time I felt my age was when I was 16!! Probably I ll look back at the year gone by in one of my next few blogs…But jus prayin for the best to happen this month!
Hmm..guess I ll wind up..want atleast some of u comin back to read my thoughts..n I don’t want to spoil my chances with a long blog the first time itself!
Hopin to catch up soon..


Friday, December 10, 2004

.....Let There Be Blog!!

"In the begining there was darkness, and god said,"Let there be light"
- Genesis (1:1)

Harish Speaks:

Wanted to put in a few words as the first post of my sweetest (and shortest) friend. Love you, Sweetheart.
Goals are a means to an end, not the ultimate purpose of our lives. They are simply a tool to concentrate our focus and move us in a direction. The only reason we really pursue goals is to cause ourselves to expand and grow. Achieving goals by themselves will never make us happy in the long term; it's who you become, as you overcome the obstacles necessary to achieve your goals, that can give you the deepest and most long-lasting sense of fulfillment.