Thursday, May 29, 2008

Good Deal?????

Please make the time to read the following 2 articles :

Seriously, wat is this world coming to?Have these parents lost it? I 2nd n 3rd my thought that sometimes the so called "normal" people walking around are the ones who need treatment rather than the ones who are called mad/insane n locked up in hospitals. The normal people are far more dangerous to humanity at times!

n to have the balls to call that a joke!Woah! wat a sense of humor! $1.6 for thier li'l one!or even $10,000!A price tag on their li'l baby.How cruel is that???How hurt will those li'l beings be if they u'stood wat was happening with them. I sincerely hope they never hear about this. Don't these parents realize somethings in life are priceless!

Monday, May 26, 2008

After a Fight…

The kind of person I am..if I have a fight/argument with anyone..hubby/family/friends/co-worker….any1… I’d like to talk it over, I’d like it for all parties concerned to pour out their anger..mabbe the fight could last for 30 hr..cpl of hrs (if it must)…but that’s its…not more than that. “Never Sleep over fights” is my attitude.

As it is I get worked up n tensed about fights. If I’ve had an argument with someone..thats all I can think of until that argument is resolved, until we have resumed our normal conversations. I lose sleep over the fight. I cry at times in anger n frustration. I don’t like the dead silence after a fight. I don’t like to do “my own thing” or “go my way”. I’ll talk anything to just fill that silence…mabbe even about physics/math (which I hate) or politics (which I have no clue of) n if there is a “sorry” exchanged followed by a hug, I’ll be on top of the world!

But alas, that’s how I feel. Not they way people around me feel. N it takes 2 people to resolve fights!

How do you like to handle such situations?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Date with Your Honor

(Sorry this one got too long, couldn’t help it)

I’m guessin u’ll be wondering what am I talking about, who am I talking about? Well, as soon as I say “Your Honor” who comes to ur mind??............................ If it’s the Judge, then ur right, that’s who I’m talking about!

Now ur wondering why on earth did Pavi go on a date with a judge?? Well, I didn’t have a choice….so here is the story of how it all happened!

So it was one of those Sundays in Feb when V had to travel on work. Now I’m kinda used to V traveling once in a few weeks, its been close to a year since we are following this routine..but everytime he has to travel I get tensed about how I’m gonna spend the rest of the Sunday and the week! The week actually fly’s by, thanks to work n blogs n chat…but I don’t like any part of the weekend without V. Not sure I’ll ever get used to it…. Anywez…

So V was traveling on United to Vermont. He had checked in online the previous day but could not get a seat. He had a confirmed ticket of course, so nothing to worry about. He left home around 1:45 pm for a 4:45 pm flight. It was about an hour and a half drive to the airport n then he had to park his car and take a shuttle to the main terminal. No check-in luggage. The security lines are unpredictable n that day it was long . Now DC airport sucks! From the main terminal to the other terminals one has to take another shuttle. But of course V had nothing to worry about coz’ he had a confirmed ticket and he had checked in online. He didn’t need more time than he had!

He reaches his gate around 4 pm .The line to the helpdesk at the gate was really long n V waits patiently to get his seat number. Eventually at about 4:20 pm they tell him hez on Stand By and mostly he will not be able to get on that flight as they already have too many people waiting. Now V was beyond shocked ‘coz this ticket was booked like 3 weeks back! The next flight they could put him on was Tues afternoon. Before that all their flights were fully booked.

Right at this time, I call him ‘coz I’m worried that I haven’t got the call to say he’s reached the gate. He tells me what happened n I immediately call United helpdesk. They tell me this kinda stuff is impossible! I mean what audacity!!!! Like I’m so jobless to call up United n make up some fancy story of this sorts!(In my younger days I might have done it.But not this time!I had a confirmation number to prove myself!) They said they can’t help much and he should contact the Airport authorities!! They had clearly overbooked the flight! I figured no point in wasting time with them n tried to look for alternative flights. But none seemed feasible.

V was already in the line for the Airport Helpdesk which was another long queue. It was 4:45 n obviously V’s flight took off without him! The only thing the Airport authorities had to tell V, when he eventually reached the helpdesk was “sorry” and that he could rebook his ticket for a date convenient to him! How generous!! They had no tickets available for that day n so V just rescheduled the trip for 3 weeks later and decided to drive down to Vermont!

He calls me around 6 pm to say that he has booked a rental car n will be driving down to Vermont. Now I was furious. This just didn’t make sense!! It was a 9-10 hrs drive and I didn’t want V driving alone. I was gonna work from home that week, so I told V to come home n pick me up and that we two will drive together. Then I ran in to have a shower (yeah, it was a lazy Sunday n I hadn’t showered till the evening!), packed my bag, n some stuff to eat etc n got ready.

It was 8:30 pm when V reached home, thanks to the traffic, n we set off on the long drive! It was past midnight n we both just wanted to reach Vermont. We thought the evening/night couldn’t get worse. Murphy’s Law has never been so much in action as on that day! N then things did get worse!!

A cop car’s lights flashing at us! Our first time! V’s first time in 3.5 yrs! Sigh! He was doin a 100 on a 60 speed limit. It was 2 AM. There was no soul on the road. We didn’t expect this! V is very tactful while driving fast. He alwez knows when to slow down. His eyes rarely miss the cops. But alas that day was dedicated to troubles! The cop was ruthless. He gave us 6 points and imposed a fine!(sob)

We reached the hotel tired n worn out at about 5:30 AM. Hit the bed and started Monday morning at about 8 AM. Since then V kinda sticks to speed limits! All of it was just too stressful!

6 out of 10 points was too much to have on the license. If he got 10 points his license would be suspended. n so we decided to plead guilty. We made up a fancy story to justify ourselves. (The story will make this long post I’ll skip it!) Our court date was May 13, in Albany! V would make me watch Judge Judy and say “This is how it will be. Be prepared”. For those who haven’t seen the show that Judge is awfully mean!n entertaining!! If ur in the US n have never seen that show, ur missing sumthing!!!

On May 13 things were not too bad. I mean, it could have been worse. We told our story to the lawyer and the points were reduced from 6 to 3 and a fine of 175$ was imposed!

Once we come out of the court all that V has to say is “How boring is the Judge’s job! He just has to read out what the lawyer has scribbled for him on the paper!!” Nothing as exciting as what we thought happenend. Hmmmm…… A boring date indeed!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

A to Z of me…

Was tagged to do this centuries ago by I can't remember who..but chose to do it now...'coz my posts are getting too serious for my liking these days...

The mother of all u-know-what!

Home is where the heart is! Childhood and plenty of amazing memories!

Life’s full of them and each one of them teach a valuable lesson

Ohhh , how much I love it n miss it!

My epitaph will read “Pavi has finished Speaking!” (I think)

Friends & Family
My world

The reason I continue to breathe and enjoy each moment that life offers!

I so badly need one! Seems like it was centuries ago that I had the 2-mth summer vacation!

I love wearing ‘em. Specially Junk-jewellery. If u have the perfect ear-ring , chain, bracelet and finger-ring..u can’t look wrong :)

This is what really matters at the end!

The woman I most respect and admire on this planet

I'm so thankful for this!

I do know my alphabets...Did M twice intentionally

A word I try not to use ‘coz I don’t think anything in this world is permanent

I think I am organized..atleast inside my thots are organized most of the time ;-)

The existence of which I don’t believe

Quote - fav
Everything happens for the best (it really does)
or during the bad-mood days I settle with “Never Give Up”!


A word I say easily! And mean it when I say it!

Thank You
Another word that I say often! And am accused of Being formal for using it so often!

If one understands a person/thing/situation…..would it be a less-complex world??

The 1st letter of the names of most of my crushes and my dear hubby starts with V. Started writing posts about this back in 2006 in my blog and then decided against it! The post on V Factor -part I, remains in my blog 'coz i don't like deleting posts.

Fun, eventful n tiring times… Times that never (should)come back!
Of course I'm talking about one's own wedding here

X –Rays
They say it reveals it all! Reallly? Then how come the docs couldn’t figure out wats wrong wit my knee for the over 9 mths!

Am tired , doing this tag!

Wish I could go back to sleep!But its 10:30 AM on a work-day!!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Of Relationships in Blogsphere

I’d like to believe that most of us who maintain blogs do so for our love of writing, for reaching out to people, as a medium thru’ which we can share our experiences and feelings, to spread awareness about thingswe know and mabbe to make new friends(tho that can’t be the sole reason).
I personally have come across many kinds of people on blogsphere - some of who I have made nice friends with, some who open up my mind thru’ their writings, some who give me a reason to smile everyday, some for whom I Hope n pray that things get better soon, some who remind me of my teen years and a zillion other things- all positive. Honestly, there are a few I like to build a relationship with out of blogsphere but a few others with whom I want to retain my relationship to within blogsphere.

N I believe that’s what it can be. One can’t love or hate a person with whom they have such limited interaction and exposure. One thing we must all remember is that what we know of a person is just’ thru’ what they write and mabbe their comments. So one can’t afford to get judgmental or make assumptions about a person. It would be incorrect.

I’ve noticed people thrashing others in Blogsphere. Getting abusive. Cursing. All without a Reason. All without any explanation. If one does feel wronged I think they should reach out to the person concerned and try have a conversation instead of lashing out at the person in all blogs. It’s a li’l easy for the rest of us to say “Ignore it” to the victim. Well that’s what one does eventually. But it’s annoying and disturbing to start with .

If I don’t get access to a private blog I should be insane to take offense n start thinking that blog is dedicated to bitching about me! The contents of a private blog are only for the eyes of those who the author has granted access. It is not ethical for this information to be shared with others. That too incorrect information!!!

I always thought that one common trait of everyone in Blogsphere is that we love to write. This joy is taken away when such stuff occurs. This joy is taken away when anonymous commenters leave behind inappropriate messages. I’m forced to write about similar kind of stuff repeatedly ‘coz such incidents keep happening with someone or the other n I don’t want to take a diplomatic stand or keep quiet about this.I want to stand up and say i disapprove of such stuff!!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Random Thoughts….

Some of u wanted to know wat I did on my B’day..How it was…. Well it wasn’t like every year….

We went to this v. exquisite place for dinner.I got wishes thru’ e-mails, e-cards, comments on my blog, the phone, scraps on orkut , IM etc…they all felt good. Some of it was AS Expected, some was More than what I Expected, Some was totally Unexpected and a few was Lesser than what I Expected.

I’m not going to get into details. But this was a different B’day. The first of its kind. Mabbe that’s how B’days become as one grows up. How unfortunate!

Not very long back I had a dream. Not a nice one, so I’m not telling you the details. I can never remember dreams when I wake up, wonder why I had to remember this one!!Posting about my dream will force me to relive the dream and also have me looking back at it ‘n’ times..Both of which I don’t want to do. But this dream had me thinking thru’ some things…

After this dream, in my head I had a message to a certain someone – “I hope atleast now u realize my value in ur Life. Hope u miss me and realize the role I play in ur life”. This for someone who matters helluva lotn to whom I should matter helluva lot!!! I don’t feel good about it.

Tell me if u think doing the following is being pessimistic. Give me ur immediate reaction 1st and then ponder over it and tell me what you think is RIGHT

- Writing one’s will in the Twentys.
- Signing up one’s organs for donation as soon as one realizes that such an option exists. Mabbe when one is 12 yrs old?
- Deciding on who’ll take care of ur babies/kids/children once both u n ur spouse gone? At which point do u think this decision should be made?

If you can think of any other Qs like this, which are hard to answer but probably must be answered, feel free to ask.

PS: I’m not in the best of moods. I’m hoping it’s the usual yearly feeling I have after my B’day and therez nothing more to it. But this yr it wasn’ t even all that special a Day. Darn! I donno wats wrong :(

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Sum it up to Eight!

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8 Things I’m Passionate About

- Life (Of course)
- Talking…. Yeah I loveeeeeee talking!
- Reading
- Writing
Can’t think of anything else that I’m passionate about. Now don’t judge me!

8 Things I want to do before I die

- Have a Child
-Donate Blood (yeah , seems an impossible task coz all docs think I don’t have enuf blood just looking at me!)
- Travel
- Write long letters to some people on paper with pen
- Learn Driving( another one that seems impossible)
- Work in a Social organization for sometime
- Work in the Psychology/ Counseling field

8 Words I say often

- Oh My God!
-Thank You
- Hey
- !!!!!!

8 Songs I could listen to over n over again
This is the only place wherein 8 seems too less!

- Leaving on a Jet Plane: John Denver
- A Thousand Miles: Venesa carlton
- Iris : Goo Goo Dolls
- Hands in my pocket: Alanis Morisette
- I Believe I can fly: R. Kelly
- Allah ke bandhe : Kailash Kher
- Yeh safar bahut hai khatin : 1942 A Love Story
- Netr illadh matram ennadho : Pudhiya Mugam (Tamil)

8 Books I’ve Read recently

- Lipstick Jungle (Reading)
- Not without My Daughter
- A Thousand Splendid Suns
- I never promised you a Rose Garden
I can't remember before this

8 Things that attract me to my Dear Friends

- They accept me for who I am
- They are there for me (even when I think I can manage on my own)
- For being as Goofy n loony as it gets!
- They pamper me
- They never need an “explanation”
- They entertain my idea of celebrating my B’day all month long without complaining
- They never ask to be reassured about how much they mean to me
- They Never forget my Happy B’day!

8 people I tag
- Harish ( Whoz back to Bloggin)
- RayRay
- Keshi (‘Coz I’ve never seen u do a tag!)
- CG
- Ashu
- Kartik (‘Coz I want to make u write sumthing I can read!)
- Mez
- Samby