Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Good Bye 2008!

I can’t believe its time to say bye to yet another year…time does fly..I still remember the end of 2007..the hopes n dreams and prayers n wishes we had for 2008..n as I step into 2009 I feel the same way…as if time flew by and as if a year was completed before I could realize…n I’m waiting with great enthusiasm to see wat the New Year holds for us…

As I look back at this year…

I’m glad that

 I had an overall good year
 I visited India
 I got my H1
 I have my job!
 I cut my hair so short [ tho its grown back!]
 Got my Driver’s license
 We went on an awesome vacation
 I don’t have to travel anymore
 There was some “GOOD NEWS” from certain friends and a family member
 Some of my dearest friends got happily married
 I got a new friend who I’m addicted to talking to
 Made a few more good friends
 Obama won the elections
 I got V to shake his leg n that he actually enjoyed it!

N I wish

 There weren’t so many terrorist attacks
 Certain relationships didn’t have to break
 Nature didn’t get so wild n furious n destroy people n things
 The economy didn’t go to the dumps
 I had been a better friend at certain times
 The relationship didn’t get as strained as it did
 A certain health problem didn’t trouble me so much
 I didn’t gain weight so fast!
 We didn’t have to move to VT
 I didn’t have to quit my previous job.

N in the year ahead I hope

 The World remains peaceful and calm
 There are no natural calamities
 There are no terrorist attacks
 The economy improves
 We continue to have our jobs
 I learn something new
 Obama meets the world’s expectations of him
 Certain relationships return to what it was n life feels normal.
 We have yet another awesome vacation (so we can make a hat trick!)

What are your memories & thoughts as u look back at the year that was and what do you wish for, in the coming year?

And as I bid Good Bye to 2008…Here’s wishing you and your loved ones a Very Happy, Prosperous n Joyous 2009!

For those of u who enjoy seeing photographs, here are some links I received in an email,
The Year 2008 in Pictures:
Set 1
Set 2
Set 3

Sunday, December 28, 2008

B'lated Merry Christmas!

Hello u all....Hope u had a Very Merry Chrismtas!n that u were surprised by gifts and that u got to eat awesome pastries n drink some classy wine!

Well I've been doin great...Sorry I was gone for so long..I was out on a 2-week vacation..I didn't want to talk about it before I left 'coz this year we had planned a vacation on 3 different ocassions and each time it got cancelled.So i was kinda skeptical about it..until we were on the plane!

So where did we go...well I was off to Vegas,LA and San Diego..Enroute we went to the Grand Canyon,Antelope Canyon[Page,AZ], Joshua Tree National Monument, Mojave Deser National Preserve and Palm Springs... These were such beautiful landscapes, the kind we had never seen before.Nature at its best! Gorgeous stuff! Ones got to experience it to believe it.n our love for road-trips has b'com stronger! We hiked some Sand Dunes and it was awesome fun!If only we were taken on school-trips to these places, Geography would have made so much more sense and I might have respected the subject more!!

We did think that we were goin to escape the bitter cold of Vermont but wat are the was snowin in Vegas after 20-odd years....when we were there!!!!At the Joshua Tree,the Park Rangers told us "Your Lucky, ur here at such a time, it never ever snows at this place!!" oh well....we didn't love the cold...but I'm not complaining..the snow-capped mountains n trees were a treat to the eyes.

This trip was a perfect mix of man-made beauty and nature's just can't compare the two. I'll try post some pics soon.

And icing on the cake...I'm happy with the 2-week vacation and ready to get back to work tomorrow[tho I'm not looking forward to wake up early!]

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

A Prayer

A prayer for the victims…
A prayer for the dead (wo)man’s soul to rest in peace…
A prayer for the safety of those alive…
A prayer for those living to be able to be strong and not lose hope…
A prayer for the Brave men’s efforts to pay off…
A prayer for this not to b’com a Political/Religion/Civil war (’coz there is no time for that)…
A prayer that such attacks should never be repeated, NEVER AGAIN…
A prayer to know the cause…
A prayer to identify the culprits…
A prayer for a solution…
A prayer to induce some sense in the terrorist’s brain…
A prayer for love n warmth to prevail in this world…
A prayer for a Happy Morning…
A prayer for lasting peace…
A prayer for humans to be more humane…
A prayer for a Happy World...

A Prayer ‘coz it seems to be the safest bet! Amen!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Relationship Questions

Some questions that I’ve been pondering over …thought I’d get different perspectives on them:

-> Isn’t it a pity that CA finally banned the law allowing gay marriages? While most of us would agree to that, (Pls tell me if u don’t, I would love to discuss/argue!) I was thinking should married homosexuals and/or single heterosexuals be allowed to adopt children?
The ideal environment for a child to grow in is with a mother and a father. Of course due to some unavoidable reasons, sometimes this is not possible. But as a law should we allow otherwise?

-> N talking about adoption one of my ex-colleagues and her husband had decided that they would have one biological child and adopt another child. But now, after having had the biological child, her husband argues about whether they will do equal justice to both the children, if they were to adopt a child. He is in doubt. What do you think?

-> Is it always people who are alike that get along very well? A friend recently mentioned about how xcited she was coz she met sumone who was in the same field as her and seemed to think like her and share her interests. Is it such stuff that makes a relationship work? So will my relationship not work coz I dislike sweets and my special someone loves sweets, ‘coz I drink and mine is a teetotaler, ‘coz I love reading books and he doesn’t really enjoy the same, ‘coz I dance and he doesn’t? Is being like-minded a key success-factor for relationships?

-> If a person cheats, lies, fools, gets over the break-up of a certain relationship too fast..for reasons which start looking like mere excuses once u start placing the pieces of the puzzle at the right spot; Does it mean that they might be the same in their future relationships? Must one be weary of such people? Is it hard to trust such a person?

N then I wonder…
-> Who is a good friend? The one who stands up to what she does not support and disagrees with; the one who voices her disagreement and shows her unhappiness over her friends’ unchangeable actions; But at the same time promises to Get over it with time and be Friends Forever OR the one who stands by her friend and nods her head in agreement from Day one, in spite of actually not agreeing…just so that her friend does not hurt?

Saturday, November 01, 2008

High Spirits

There are these specific days of the year..when no matter what....but ones spirits remain high..nothing can take the smile off from ones face..the enthusiasm n joy around is so contagious..that everyone has no choice but to be Happy.Diwali is one such day for me. I remain in high spirits weeks before n after the festival. The enthusiasm drops a little only to get perked up again a few weeks before Christmas! Fun n delightful times…this time of the year!

When we were kids Mom, Dad, Sis n me would go shopping about a month in advance. Commercial Street would be more crowded than usual n 2 days or so before Diwali the street would be lit up with lights looking more beautiful than ever. The lights would stay up until New Year..making us want to visit the street n therefore shop for some li’l thing every weekend!

As kids, Sis n I with a few other friends would prepare a dance for the adults. So the rehearsals for that would begin too. My mom would make so many delicacies .It would indeed become busy times with so much to look forward to. Before D-day, we would take out our new clothes, the matching jewellery etc and lay them out ready. We would start decorating the house and when we grew a li’l bigger Sis n I would spend hours drawing the huge Rangoli in front of our home. On D-day we would wake up early morning, have our mom put haldi on our legs n hands, have the special headbath, n try to be the 1st one to burst the cracker. Prats has explained the tradition very well.

As we grew up the dance routines and bursting crackers stopped..but not the enthusiasm for dressing up nor eatin the yummy stuff mom made.

Last year was my first Diwali in the US. Before Diwali I was kind-of worried about not celebratin it the way we did in India. I made sure we got new clothes and I thought why not have some people over for dinner and planned a game-night. That was the first time V n I had more than 3 people come over to our home! We had 8 guests n that nite was a hit! We enjoyed cooking, decorating the house and getting dressed ourselves. We were satisfied! N so I decided to make it a tradition..that every year we’ll host a Diwali party!

In August we moved to Vermont and in a short span of time we have made several friends. As Diwali approached I didn’t want to give up the tradition and so we started making the list for number of invitees. The list had over 30 adults. It made us nervous but we decided that we’ll have a pot-luck n then should be able to work things out. It took us over a week to get our li’l home ready for the party. A tiring but fun week.!n finally last Saturday we did have our Diwali party. We played Bingo n sang some songs. n all turned out well. All our guests seem to have enjoyed n as a host I moved from wearin a salwar to drapin a saree. It was a fun evening…n I feel so confident that I can’t wait until next Diwali to host our next big party

Now u tell me..which time of the year can you not help being in high spirits and u feel like ur in La-La-Land?

Monday, October 20, 2008

Hey All...
As a result of my new job and the festive season(Dusshera & Diwali) I've been super busy on the home and work front...Sorry, I haven't been able to update my blog as often as I would like to. Pls do keep visitin!

Is Honesty Really the best Policy?

Is it important or even essential to tell everyone the truth about everything?

Is any lie...Just that...a lie? Should no exceptions be made for white lies?

Is saying the truth in any situation always the best thing to do??

A friend of mine is in that phase of life where shez looking for a partner. Shes been meeting up with men and at that point when the 2 of them get comfortable with each other and seem to like each other…she takes the plunge and enlightens him COMPLETELY about her past relationships. Her information sharing is more than simply stating that she has an ex-boyfriend. She tells the guy that shez lived in for a few months n some more details . N after this the guy doesn’t come online as often as he used to, keeps missing her calls and mysteriously vanishes…
Initially I was tempted to say “oh! The guy is not good enough if he can’t accept you they way u are, with all ur past, present details”.. But I’m beginning to rethink that..coz this has been happening with her for too long now and with too many men. Is it really important to give the guy all the details? She has honestly gotten over her ex. Can’t she simply say “Yes, I’ve had past relationships” and leave it at that?

In yet another instance..another friend’s boyfriend came along and confessed to her that he had had a thing for her friend before he fell in love with her. He said he had gotten over the crush/infatuation/whatever well before their relationship started. Yet she was disturbed. She tried to sustain the relationship for a few weeks and then she broke up. The guy didn’t deserve that. He was truly heart-broken. They would have been better off if he had kept his secret to himself.

During college days, a girl wanted to be honest n went n asked her parents permission to get drunk in Goa… well..u can guess wat her parents response to that was… n so much for honesty…she wasn’t even allowed to go on the Goa trip anymore!

During my school days for about 1 or 2 yrs, I and a few other friends used to copy during class tests. I used to pass around my paper to the boys. One fine day, my class Xiii teacher asked all those who copied to go over and confess to her. Most of us didn’t. A few who did were given grade E that year…

Honesty was definitely not the best policy in all the above cases. N Really there was no lesson to learn from being honest either. So, what’s your response to my questions at the beginning of this post? Mine is pretty obvious!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

20Q Again!

Ray Ray tagged me… I’ve actually done this tag before…infact I think this is the 1st tag I did…but this tag seems to have gone around the world n its come back with a new set of Qs…. So here I go..

RULE #1 People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blogs and replace any question that they dislike with a new question formulated by themselves.

RULE #2 Tag 6 people to do this quiz and those who are tagged cannot refuse. These people must state who they were tagged by and cannot tag the person whom they were tagged by continue this game by sending it to other people.

Note: Q4 is the one I introduced,n the people I tag are not allowed to replace it.

1. If your lover betrayed you, what will your reaction be?
Shock n disappointment. Followed by conversations so I can figure out why it happened.n tDepending on the reasons ,the decision regarding OUR future together shall be made.
BTW..I don’t like the term LOVER.

2. If you can have a dream come true, what would it be?
I’m superstitious…can’t share my REAL dream..sorry!
On a lighter note…I just had my dream of getting a license come true! Yayeeeee, I passed my road test,that I took for the first time, last Friday!

3. Whose butt would you like to kick?
For fun? Let me think…Hmm.. Harish! why? Coz its FUNNNNNNNN ! n therz more surface area to kick :P
(I’m runnin ‘coz I’m def getting a butt-kick for this one!)

4. Why do you blog?
’coz I love Talkin!!!

5. Will you fall in love with your best friend?
Been There. Done that.:) (Just FYI I don’t know what love is! N no don’t bother trying to teach me)

6. Which is more blessed: loving someone or being loved by someone?
Loving someone. U gotta be lucky n blessed to love someone selflessly and not expecting anything in return..irrespective of anything . I believe there are very very few people on this planet who can do that!

7. How long do you intend to wait for someone you love?
Until I’m pushed to my limits and my patience is tested! (Damn, why are there so many Qs that have got sumthing to do with love??)

8. If the person you secretly like is attached, what will you do?
Try n Get over him! I don’t think I have a choice!

9. If you could root for one social cause, what would it be?
I’m with Ray Ray on this one..Peace has got to be it!

10. What takes you down the fastest?
Betrayal, disloyalty, breaking the trust! ouch… all of that hurts!

11. What resurrects you the fastest?
TLC from the loved ones..

12. What’s your fear?
I fear losing near n dear ones. I also fear the punishment I’ll get for some of my sins!

13. What kind of person do you think the person who tagged you is?
Fun!Fun!Fun! A prankster. Easy-go-lucky, n did I say Fun?!

14. Would you rather be single and rich or married and poor?
Would any of this matter as long as I’m content n happy?

15. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?
Brush my teeth n check email…for all these days. The routine could change once I start my new job.

16. If you fall in love with two people simultaneously who will you pick?
Is it possible to be in love with 2 people at the same time?

17. Would you give all in a relationship?
Well almost. Not completely though. The self-pride and self-respect matters.

18. Would you forgive and forget someone no matter how horrible a thing he has done?
Forgive. Yes. Forget.Never. My memory is my strength n weakness. I’m incapable of forgettin!

19. Do you prefer being single or in a relationship?
A bit of both…It keeps changing.

20. Tag 6 people.
Gunj, Preeti(Incesant musings), Suma, CG, Ankur, xh – Just naming people I’ve never tagged before.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

New Beginning…

On Sep 30th I sent this email to countless folks at work, Friends and Acquaintances I’ve acquired in the last 5 years…


One’s first job is like love at first sight. Irrespective of the flaws, the downs in the journey, it is and it will always be close to your heart.

Accenture is my first job and I have had the best and best times in these 4.10 years. It has been a wonderful platform for learning the trade when I joined as a novice Junior Software Engineer. During my tenure here, I have seen working culture in both East and West namely IDC (BDC and HDC) and USDC. Today, I am a successful career woman and my thanks go to Accenture and the various well-wishers, colleagues with whom I worked with throughout.

Hence as I move towards new pastures I take this opportunity to thank each and everyone one of you for making me what I am in my career today. I wish you a warm farewell and wish all your dreams and achievements fair-well!
It is a small world and I hope to bump into you someplace someday. Do keep in touch. My personal email-id is . “

Yes…I’ve Quit. N like mentioned in the email among many other reasons it hurts ‘coz Accenture is my first job and I’ve been there for close to 5 years. A Really long time. Needless to say, am emotionally attached to the place. I loved my work and colleagues and they in turn adored me and respected me and trusted me! Though the travel was hard , the occasional work-from-home was a treat…

The reason I had to quit is a long story and I don’t want to explain it here…but bottom-line is I didn’t have much of a choice. I had to leave.

For 3 full days now, I’m Jobless, n am lovin it…am enjoyin lazy days. On the 6th of Oct, I start work with my new company and have fingers crossed for everything to go allrite…

I’m nervous about the new job in terms of getting the work I’ve been hired to do, getting along well with my new colleagues, having a good relationship with my manager, no work-from-homes, no time to get online or surf the net during the day and working in the same office as my husband! Yeah! A couple of big changes….

But well, it all does happen for the Best… so here I am waiting for a new beginning….Wish me luck u all…

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Galadriel thought i deserved this

my very first award n boy! am I excited! thanks so much gurl...

I'm required to give it a passing trophy...n here are the people I would like to share this award with :

Harish : The reason for the existence for my blog. His blog inspired me to start writing and he gave my blog its title..Shorty Speaks , which i adore! Also, hes back writing n his fan-count is surely nsteadily increasing :) keep it goin Pl***y :D

Solitaire : Thanks to Psychobabble, i resumed writing after my long hiatus. It is a blog which served as a great inspiration, which helped reflect on one's own life, which helped open so many people's brains, which served as a great forum for discussions, which helped gather different perspectives and the blog 'coz of which i got to know so many of you all. never let this blog die Sneha :)

PS : She calls herself "Just a Mother of Two" n anyone whoz read her blog will know she is so much more than that! Seems to be a super-mom, super-wife, super-friend, super-writer n in sum-total a super-woman! If u haven't checked it out yet, go here to keep track of her upcoming book, 34 Bubblegums and Candies. Yes! shes a published writer! Wish u more success PS:)

Ray Ray : Therz never a dull moment on this gurl's blog. The way she narrates all of her experiences is so humorous. The fun element is rarley missing from this blog n the consistency at which they come is also sumthing to be appreciated! Keep 'em coming Ray Ray.

n yes once they start coming..they keep coming...Here is wat Harish gave me

n u guessed rite..I can't stop smiling :)

Friday, September 05, 2008


Do u know wat I’m talking about?

If u donno ur probably thinking, has google n wats new about it must be something about Chrome that every1 seems to be raving about…..

Discomgoogolation has nothing to do with Chrome. But yes Chrome is super cool, I installed it yesterday n am lovin it….mite bid good-bye to I.E. except some websites don’t work on chrome…(oops I’m digressing)

Discomgoogolation is a problem that internet addicts could be suffering from. It is a feeling of distress and anxiety when one can’t access the internet.

To read more about it click Here

2-3 months back I would have been sure that I’m suffering from this thing..(bored to type that long word again, n I cant seem to remember the spelling!) But the good news is that I may not be…n I know that, ‘coz I didn’t have a need to check blogs, emails, orkut or do anything else on the web during my vacation in India. Its only when I’m at home (here in the US) or I’m at work that I have this desperate need for the internet! So, could have the problem partially!

Are u suffering from discomgoogolation??( phew!last time im typing that word!) . I wonder why its such a complicated name, like they wanted to make sure no one remembers it n also, wonder why they dragged google( into it….

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

No Knowing me…

Shruti tagged me centuries ago..shez probably even forgotten that she tagged me n given up on me…But I promised her that I’ll get to it..sometime..n finally the time has come…

So I’m suppose to list 5 unknown facts about me..n as I think over it, the only kind of facts that come into my head are the ones that I can’t be telling anyone..there are so many of those, that it shocks me; n those I can’t list here for obvious yes there is No Knowing me completely.

On thinking more, here is some lame stuff I came up with:

->I come across as very transparent n the “tells it all” kinds….but the reality is I have some secrets which absolutely no one knows about. N these are my secrets that I hope no one will ever know. One of the reasons why I’m as scared of being hypnotized as much as I’m excited!

->I get very worried about my weight at times! Yes, I look small…but weight in the wrong places worries me so much..specially when I know therz no easy way to get rid of the excess!

->I donno how to apply make-up. Really. All that I know how to apply is kajal n lipstick..n that also not the best at. I have no clue how to apply mascara, eye-liner, lip-liner yada yada n I don’t own any such thing! N yes, im a gurl.:)

->RayRay recently enlightened me about this. I have no idea what’s the difference between cartoons, comic, animated characters et all…n I don’t have the inclination to learn! I think they are all the same n dislike ‘em all.

->There are times when I pretend like Everything is alrite, n give everyone a happy sunny picture of my life, when that’s not what it is in reality….just hopin that sumtime(not too late) it WILL, all be ALRITE!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Am Thrilled!

Guess Wat…. I got a mail.. a mail from my school principal..yes, the place which was my world for 14 full years.. n she mailed me asking if I can write an article for the Special Edition of the School Magazine. U know how it is…when the people who taught u alphabets, articles, prepositions, grammar, punctuations, words ‘et all…asks u to write an essay..putting together all of that, so many years later. I’m thrilled n excited n nervous!

When I visited India, My sis n I had gone to school. We wanted to meet a few teachers and enquire about admissions for Rishab(sister’s son). Though there were a whole lot of new teachers, there were a whole bunch of the old ones too. My LKG teacher was yet there! To think she attended our weddings n now is there to see our li’l one grow..was so emotional for us. On seeing us one of the teachers exclaimed ..”Oh My God! Look at you sisters. You haven’t changed at all. If you were in your uniform I would have reprimanded you for being out of class. You girls haven’t aged! N Sumathi , u have a son? Unbelievable !!” Yes, we were super happy! It feels so good to see your teachers look at you and beam with pride about how well their “products” have turned out. They had put in their life n soul into making these products n their effort seems to be worth it, atleast in their eyes.

Our HM, was complaining about how times have changed so much. About how today’s parents are so interfering and panic over every li’l thing their child goes back home n tells them. She was telling us about how during those days they could freely scold us and give us punishments when we had done wrong (which I’m sure every child does) but how that isn’t possible today. She said Children have learnt to spin yarns and parents believe everything the child says. She was also telling us about how parents were so desperate to showcase their child and keep showin-off about wat all their child could do. One feels like it’s a competition among the parents for which they use their children.
Now I’m sure this is not true of all parents. But yes I’ve seen many parents like this, who love to keep talking about n show-casing their child’s talents at any given opportunity. They don’t want anyone to scold their child. N I don’t think that’s a very healthy way of growing up.

BTW I got this mail from my principal Monday morning and have been thinking of what I can write about…Any suggestions?

Friday, August 22, 2008

The Move

Alrite…so one of the things I promised to write about is the move…so here I go…This one is long.

We moved to Vermont from Maryland for a whole bunch of reasons, the details of which I’m not getting into.

V n I had foreseen busy times keeping in mind my India trip and so started packing the Memorial Day weekend…Whenever V traveled to Vermont, he took a few bags/boxes with him…so it wouldn’t be that bad finally..

From when I returned from India we had 12 days including 1 weekend to finish packing, cleaning up the apartment etc etc…Seemed do-able, though strenuous… until the point when I was told I’ll have to travel for a week…That left us with 12-4 , 8 days out of which there were 6 working days! Gosh! Those were tiring times!

We were moving on Saturday. I got back home on Thursday late night. On Friday office work wasn’t too stressful. N I was thankful coz there was so much of packing n cleaning to do.

We used to stay in the 3rd floor and after much lookin around had not found any help with carryin stuff down. V n I was to carry everything down by ourselves! Sigh! The plan was to load the trailer Fri afternoon/evening and then start the journey of about 12 hrs on Saturday early morning. But the uhaul chap couldn’t fix the trailer to the car that evening..n so our plan was delayed. Of course we were bugged…but finished packing n cleaning n etc etc n hit the sack around midnite in preparation for a long day ahead.

On Saturday we carried the couch n mattress n futon n Dining table n chairs n TV n book shelf n this n that all by ourselves down 3 floors. It took us 4 hrs to load the trailer. We showered n left around 2 pm. We thought the worst was over. Little did we know what was ahead!

The drive went well for most parts until we were about 3 hours from home..n there was thunderstorm n rain. V managed to drive thru that tho it slowed us down considerably. N then close to midnite, when we were abt 30 miles from our new home the car started making some weird noise..we pulled over..checked for a bit couldn’t really spot anything that could be fixed n so carried on..After 10 mins..when we were 20 miles away from what was to be our home sweet home…the car seized! Ya it just seized n wouldn’t start! We dialed a zillion numbers including uhaul insurance n car insurance n yada yada…Finally after abt 2 hours , our solution came from a call to the local police department. We were told towing vehicles will be sent. All this was raining.

When we finally got home it was around 4 am on Sunday.

The car engine was gone and we had to get it replaced. We didn’t have a car for more than a week. N in the US, specially Vermont that’s a nightmare! I had a flight Monday early morning…n the bad luck with my travels has stuck on! I’m so tired of cars that won’t start and delayed flights.. Even people at work are wondering why im having this spree of bad luck with regard to travel…but well that’ll be another long post… which I’ll spare u of.

BTW as a reward to ourselves for goin thru all that we did..We got ourselves a new 32’’ HDTV :D..the Hubby’s idea of course!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pact Keeper

3 boys, an insane conversation, endless laughs, unlimited nonsense, some boy (or mabbe men)..k lets call it guy talk and (of course) Me….lead to me being assigned the role of a pact keeper! N I’m super thrilled about it!

So the guys sign a pact every once in a while….n I am the keeper! Yayeeeeee…Wat exactly my responsibilities are…I’m not sure..but the boys MUST tell me the details of the pact when they sign it and also details about when each one of them fulfills it! That was enough motivation for me to take up the role.

I tell u these guys are whackos and the pacts are interesting! Hints/updates on the pacts can be read here . But don’t say I didn’t warn u ..that it may not make sense to u!

K lets play hot or cold…Why don u people guess wat kinda pacts guys make..(should be easier for u men!)

Yayyeeeeeeee yayeeeeeeee yayeeeeeeee.. I am a Guys’ Pact Keeper !

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Orkut says

Today's fortune: If your desires are not extravagant they will be granted. can someone please define extravagant for me??

Friday, August 01, 2008

N I’m Back

Finalllllllllllllllllllly.. I found the energy, time n mood to update my blog…ya if any1 of this is missing…it’s a problem…the blog says dormant…n this time…all 3 were missing.

Thanks to all of u all who left behind comments for me. I ll reply to each one of u all soon. N thank you so much for not forgettin me.

I came back from vacation on the 13th of July n since then have been busy with work, traveling on work, packing, moving(details in another post) and reading most of ur spaces. Life has truly never been busier…n I’m hoping I’ll get to heave a sigh of relief soon!

Yes, yes, yes my vacation was great. I got pampered silly n spoilt rotten (by parents, relatives, inlaws n few friends). I got to do some things that I wished to do n didn’t get to do the rest. But overall it was nice.

Traveling alone wasn’t as bad as I thot it would be…but some ppl I tell u are so stooopid. Specially those holding clerical jobs. No offence meant to any1.Ya, I ll write abt this too in another post.

It was gr8 to see my home…so much has changed n so much hasn’t; If u know wat I mean. I think the most obvious changes were in Rishab (sister’s 2 ½ yr old son) and my nana-nani-ji. The li’l one had grown up too fast and my grandfolks were also getting old too soon. Everyone else was the same. When it was time to say bye…Rishab was the hardest to say bye to.(will write a post on the li’l brat later !!)

There’s a new Sweet Chariot store opened at about 3 mins walking distance from home and a new chaat shop. Had yummmmmmy home-made food, veg puffs , chaat, masal dosa etc etc etc. Lazzy Lazzy days. No one would let me do any work. I had almost forgotten how to cook when I returned n V bought that for a few days:)

My first time alone with inlaws was fabulous! We had fun bitchin abt V endlessly :P n missed him lots too !

When it was time to return, I was actually ready to return. It didn’t feel as bad as I thought it would feel. One part of it was missing V. But I was also missing work n home n yada yada yada. N that was nice for me. Now I know I’ve moved on. My love for Blr hasn’t decreased but I’m open to living in another place w/o thinking “I’m missing so much”. I feel good going back home after a year or 2, having a great vacation n then resuming life…

N yes..since I’ve come back I’ve had so much to do on the home n work front that I’ve more than made-up for my lazy days in India. I so badly n desperately need a break!

oh ya, I almost forgot...welcome back to my space u all...I hope u've been good, as told :)

Monday, June 16, 2008

About the Excitement

As promised, here is why I'm excited.So this update was suppose to come in 2 posts but have been pressed for time. So here goes all in one post..

Well firstly… V n I celebrated our 2nd anniversary this Saturday. Yes, it was a beautiful day. It’s hard for us or family n friends to believe that we have been married for 2 years…Time does fly indeed.Feels like it was yesterday when I was a new bride! As a friend said 2 years of “Unbelievable Togetherness”.

Next..I’m goin on a Break. N naaah I’m not sayin it ‘coz almost every1 in blogshphere seems to have said it n infact gone on a break atleast for a week…but I’m actually taking a break from my day-to-day routine.. yayeeeeee !

I’m flying to India, Bangalore, Home…after 1.5 yrs! I’m so looking forward to it. This is the 1st time I’m going to MY home on a vacation so I’m not sure how it’ll be! I keep hearing about the zillion changes..donno how it’ll be to see it all.

I look forward to see Rishab (sister’s 2.5 yr old son). The last time I saw him was when he was 1 n trying to talk n walk w/o holding anything, quite desperately. He talks so much on the phone these days n seems to have grown so much; I wonder if I’ll be able to recognize him. I really hope he warms up to me soon! I’m dyin to take him shoppin!

I’m dyin to eat food cooked by ma. Infact I’m waiting for my turn to say “Hey, I ll tty later, Mom’s calling me for dinner!” How many of my friends have said this to me in the last year n how jealous I have felt. Only I know!

Sis n mom are taking a break from work while I’m there. So there could be plenty of gurl-talk!

My nana-nani-ji will pamper me so much I know for sure! They used to pamper me when I visited ‘em for summer vacations! N my nani will cry! Tears guaranteed as soon as she sees me n when I’m leaving n mabbe while I’m there. Sigh!

Sis n I will go berserk shopping! (V may cancel my trip if he reads this!!)

Looking forward to catch up with all my loony friends! N turn mad all over again!

Waiting to goto Tirupati.. that’s one place which I must visit. Just a personal belief!

This is the 1st time I’m going to be alone with my inlaws i.e minus V. Damn! I’m nervous! I donno wat I’ll talk to them n so many people ask this Q of me! Any suggestions? They are waiting for me too :) n I’m thinking evverything should go well…n I should prove to be a good bahu ;)

N I have to make some doc visits that I’m not looking forward to. Fingers crossed about that.

Also don’t look forward to fielding Qs on when we plan to have a baby! Damn! I dread that Q n long lectures that’ll follow! But I know its coming!!! n also Qs on what are our plans for future n where we plan to settle. Only if we know can we think about telling people. For starters we donno our plans!

V is not coming. Feel bad about that. I dread the journey all alone n I’m gonna miss him there (atleast at times)! But well..i think the only motivation factor for me to look forward to my trip back from home to here will be V. So not too bad I guess?!?!

But all that matters now is that I’m goin home! Yayeeeeeeeeee! Super excited.

I’ve removed comment moderation as you may have already noticed. So no mean comments please. I have no clue about how often I ll be able to read or write blogs. If I don’t get time there, I’ll catch up wit u all once I’m back! Feel free to let me know that u miss me if u do! I’d love to hear it. How-many-ever times!

U all be good n smiling until the next time :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Taggin myself with this one 'coz i liked it

I am : wat I am!
Excited! (will tell u soon why!)

I think : so much !

I know : that eventually it all happens for the best!

I want : nothing at times and everything at other times!

I have : memories of wonderful things!

I wish : I could undo the last 1 year of a friend’s life n let her start fresh

I hate : nothing!

I miss : the good ol’ times in Blr.

I fear : a special someone’s anger

I feel : our lives have already been planned!

I hear : the unsaid most times

I smell : good food!

I crave : to eat food cooked by mom.

I search : for a reason

I wonder : what’s gonna happen in the next year

I regret : Nothing in my life!

I ache : when near n dear ones are in pain

I m not : into poetry

I believe : perfection is non-existent

I dance : when I’m happy or sad or just like that

I sing : when I’m around people who I’m comfortable with!

I cry : rarely these days

I don’t always : not worry about my weight

I fight : for things that matter to me

I write : what I feel like

I win : at times

I lose : at times

I never : go to a restaurant or movie alone

I always : wear matching ear-rings

I confuse : when I cant convince

I listen : depending on my mood

I can usually be found : on gtalk!

I m scared : when my friends ask me to make decisions for them

I need : to be loved

I am happy about : my upcoming trip

I imagine : all the beautiful things that life will hold for V n me

I tag : Ray-Ray, Solitaire n Harish

Monday, June 09, 2008

Bookish thoughts

Been tagged.
Tag Rules
1. Pick up the nearest book.
2. Open to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people, and acknowledge the person who tagged you.

Found the 5th sentence n the next 3 sentences are: Kinnard said with equal sarcasm, “Have a nice life.” He threw his car into reverse, shot backwards and skidded to a stop. Then he put the engine in drive and tromped on the accelerator.

Those are the lamest 3 sentences! Anywez..wanna guess which book?

N yeah since almost every1 has done this tag over the weekend, I’m not taggin any1.

Talking about books…Would you rather read a story in a book or see a story as a movie?

Personally I’d rather read a book:
It leaves something to the imagination. I mean, the complete visualization is left to ones imagination. The place, the characters all of it!
N a movie lasts just 2.5 hrs. A book definitely lasts longer. There are so many more pgs
A book is more descriptive.

Da vinci Code book was 100 times better than the movie.

Well..I cld go on n on…u tell me wat u like more? n mabbe even egs of books/movies?

BTW , I’m Jealous of all u who are studying n writin xams! I miss those days - combined studies n sleepless nites n maggi during all hrs n the tension n random laughter n the celebration once the xams are over! I miss it all!

I know the grass is greener on the other side!Anywez Good Luck to all of u writing exams or ur thesis!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Seduction by Surpise?!?!

Below is a conversation btw my friend, Horton n a gurl Ashley. The two of ‘em worked together for a while in ACME n that’s how they know each other.

Horton really is the God of Sarcasm n can take someone’s trip without even ‘em realizing it.

6:54 PM Ashley: Hey
How r u today?
How was weekend
6:56 PM Horton: i good
weekend was great
7:00 PM Ashley: What did u do?
7:02 PM Horton: met my gang of friends from ACME
Ashley: Thats great
how r they?
7:03 PM Horton: great
Ashley: U know vanessa got married
She was also from ur gang itself i guess
7:04 PM Horton: i knw
she cudnt come...was busy
7:05 PM Ashley: Yeah, obviously newly married people
7:06 PM Horton: :)
7:09 PM Ashley: Gary married Ann right?
me: yeah
Ashley: How r they?
me: she was also there
7:10 PM Ashley: Nice to see people u know happy
Horton: yeah true
Ashley: I guess i can never be happy
Horton: why?
7:11 PM Ashley: Im soo damn confused abt all the 3 BFs of mine
Horton: 3 BFs?
Ashley: im never serious
Scared to get into marriage
7:12 PM Horton: but u have 3 bfs?
seriously? good appetite
7:13 PM Ashley: not really
I just flirt with them
and not serious
Horton: just flirt?
Ashley: They are serious and thats the problem
7:14 PM I feel soo damn irritated now, what turned out to be a joke has become serious
Horton: all 3 are serious?
and want to marry you?
7:16 PM Ashley: yeah
Cuz they think i like just them as i have not told abt others
My life is in a kind of mess now
Horton: oh
7:17 PM Ashley: So planning to escape to the UK
Horton: who do you like ?
u migrating to UK?
Ashley: im confused
Till this issue settles down
for 6 months
7:18 PM Horton: nice...hope you dont find and charm a british guy there...
i mean...u seem to be insatiable...3 guys n all
Ashley: Oh well
I have already found some
Garry, Jon, Guy and Alexander
Horton: who are they?
Ashley: U can see their pictures in my profile
7:19 PM My best buddies there at the UK
Horton: so they also are fida ovr u?
7:20 PM so u have 7 boyfriends then... :-)
7:21 PM Ashley: not fida but they like me
Ashley: I have changed a lot since then
Horton: is it?
Ashley: yeah
I dont look like that innocent ugly gal anymore ;)
7:22 PM Horton: hey...u never were ugly
Ashley: I felt i was as i put on weight
Horton: naah
Ashley: now i worked out and became better
Im super hot ;)
7:23 PM hehe
Horton: im not surprised...
u must be ultra u have 7 BFs man
how do u manage al that?
Ashley: I worked out and diet
and some grooming needed
7:24 PM Horton: nice
Ashley: and i got into a good job at XYZ which helped me earn loads
Horton: rich and hot...wht more do u need?
Ashley: Then no more loooking back i guess
Horton: nice...
Ashley: I have one more thing to accomplish through
7:25 PM Horton: rich hot confident and a line of BFs
what is that? :D
Ashley: - Im working to also setup a new company
So thats what i wanna accomplish
Horton: hmm...
7:27 PM Ashley: So need to put in a lot of efforts and no time for my BFs
7:28 PM Horton: hmmm
Ashley: Probably u did not know much abt me
7:29 PM and u got to know now
7:30 PM Horton: :)yeah
7:31 PM ure a hot rich woman who is gonna start her own company and has 7 bfs...4 indian 3 uk
7:39 PM Ashley: hehe
not bad, u r a quick learner
7:40 PM Horton: tempted too..
Ashley: stop joking now
Horton: who said im joking?
Ashley: I know that even u r a BIG flirt like me too
7:41 PM ;)
Horton: me? flirt?
Ashley: yeah, i felt u were
Horton: not me
Ashley: oh well, it may be my assumption then
Horton: he he
7:53 PM Ashley: k. Where are you at these days?

7:55 PM Horton: im at New York

Ashley: I mean where in New York?

7:56 PM Horton: East Village

Ashley: okay

Horton: temme

Ashley: what to tell yaar

I was just flirting as usual


7:57 PM Horton: u were?

Ashley: yep

Horton: with me?

yeah rite?

Ashley: yeah

Horton: me....of all people

Ashley: Wats wrong with that

Horton: u have 7 bfs man...and all must be hunks

Ashley: Whats wrong with u?

Horton: and ure hot...why shud u?

nothings wrong with me...hellooooo


Ashley: U r not bad either

U R pretty good looking

Horton: now don say that just coz i said ure hot

i was truthing n ure lying


Ashley: nope i am hot, i stick to that :)

Dont worry thats the truth

7:59 PM Horton: yeah...the truth is dat..ure hot im not

Ashley: oh well

Thats not a problem

U dont have to be hot to flirt

Horton: problem for what?

ha ha....

8:00 PM Ashley: U need to be hot just to get gals do what u want them to do :)

And that you are.

I have seen you in Acme.

You always had a big fan following

Horton: what is that? (I mean make them do wt?)

8:01 PM Ashley: I hope i make sense

If i am hot guys listen to whatever i ask them to do

Horton: no


8:02 PM Ashley: If u are hot, gals will listen to whatever u ask them to do


Horton: oh....

so what all have u made guys do to you?

Ashley: oh well, not much

8:03 PM just to pick me or drop me, sometimes accompany me for shopping

Horton: dats all?

freinds do that yaar

8:04 PM Ashley: I mean my work and relax when im tired of working

Horton: lol

Ashley: oh well, i may want them to do more later

but no time now ;-)

8:05 PM Horton: want to do what?

Ashley: I may want to get wilder later


Horton: wild is so generic...:)

8:06 PM Ashley: yeah, i guess u need to clearly tell me what u want me to do ;)

Horton: me??

Ashley: So i would follow ur instructions

Horton: i don want you to do anyhting...c'mon

8:07 PM im just asking out of curiosity

N at this point my Very wise Friend said he had to go and blocked her for good on chat. The first part, I was laughing at the conversation n in the 2nd part towards the end..i wasn’t sure if I wanted to laugh or cry!

U tell me wat u think and I ll post what I think as an update to the post.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Devils as Friends

Now most of my dear friends are devils! They really are! They love embarrassing me, teasing me, plotting against me. It brings them so much of joy, that I let them entertain ‘emselves. There are 2 friends in particular. One from School. One from College. Who this post is about.

She n I studied in the same school since KG. She‘ll forget my B’day. Her B’day is almost exactly a month after mine n there have been years when the lights begin to blink only after I wish her for her B’day! She’ll just not keep in touch! At times it’ll feel like she just doesn’t care. We both have had major arguments. Been without talking to each other for months together.
But she’ll make up in a grand manner. Her cards to me are mostly hand-made. Her Sorry cards are sooo from the bottom-of-her-heart. The card she gave me before my weddin was so beautiful with a collage of both our pics from the childhood days and wonderful words. (This gurl has her way with words). I was the first friend to talk to her then To-Be fiancée. N i couldn’t u’stand why! I didn’t know she had so much regard for me! She had told him that she had had wonderful childhood days with me! Crazzzy Gurl, she never did tell it to me that way!

He n I met in college. Typical Hindi movie style we had a zillion real bad fights before we grew to b’com such thick friends! He has made me cry so much! n then got angry that I cried and didn’t make the effort to make me feel better. He would call me a day after my B’day! He would refuse to let me ride with him on his bike at times. He would tell me how much he hates Bangalore!
But he was the one who would make me laugh so much as well. I could (n can) tell him absolutely anything under this planet. He would be so caring n protective at times, that it would surprise me. He would send me these sweet sorry mails and the grammar in his mails would be all messed up making me laugh n forget my anger! He has a special nick for me which he uses once in a while. He knew I loved cards n so gave me 2-3 of ‘em at one time. His reaction to the news of my Marriage was so …hmm I can’t find the right word…but he was happy for me n scared we wouldn’t be as good friends that we were. (Touchwood! We yet have what we had!) His gf complained to me that he had been cryin so much when I was leaving Blr. He visited me here in the US!

I so often make a strong resolve not to talk to these 2 people ‘coz of how much they hurt me. I’ll be so mad at them for days n weeks n months. But I can never quite keep the resolve. They woo me back into friendship in great style that I find it so hard to resist. I find it hard to imagine life without them! Well some relationships are worth the pain ‘coz of the joy they bring to Life. Hope the friendships last forever!

Similarities between these 2 are that they are both Gemini, they are over-confident about our friendship n both are getting married in Dec this year (To different people)!!!!
I’m sooooooooo xcited n happy for them! Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it to either of their weddings but all of my thoughts this Dec will be with them, I’m hoping to spend some good time and share grand hugs with them when I goto India.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Good Deal?????

Please make the time to read the following 2 articles :

Seriously, wat is this world coming to?Have these parents lost it? I 2nd n 3rd my thought that sometimes the so called "normal" people walking around are the ones who need treatment rather than the ones who are called mad/insane n locked up in hospitals. The normal people are far more dangerous to humanity at times!

n to have the balls to call that a joke!Woah! wat a sense of humor! $1.6 for thier li'l one!or even $10,000!A price tag on their li'l baby.How cruel is that???How hurt will those li'l beings be if they u'stood wat was happening with them. I sincerely hope they never hear about this. Don't these parents realize somethings in life are priceless!

Monday, May 26, 2008

After a Fight…

The kind of person I am..if I have a fight/argument with anyone..hubby/family/friends/co-worker….any1… I’d like to talk it over, I’d like it for all parties concerned to pour out their anger..mabbe the fight could last for 30 hr..cpl of hrs (if it must)…but that’s its…not more than that. “Never Sleep over fights” is my attitude.

As it is I get worked up n tensed about fights. If I’ve had an argument with someone..thats all I can think of until that argument is resolved, until we have resumed our normal conversations. I lose sleep over the fight. I cry at times in anger n frustration. I don’t like the dead silence after a fight. I don’t like to do “my own thing” or “go my way”. I’ll talk anything to just fill that silence…mabbe even about physics/math (which I hate) or politics (which I have no clue of) n if there is a “sorry” exchanged followed by a hug, I’ll be on top of the world!

But alas, that’s how I feel. Not they way people around me feel. N it takes 2 people to resolve fights!

How do you like to handle such situations?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Date with Your Honor

(Sorry this one got too long, couldn’t help it)

I’m guessin u’ll be wondering what am I talking about, who am I talking about? Well, as soon as I say “Your Honor” who comes to ur mind??............................ If it’s the Judge, then ur right, that’s who I’m talking about!

Now ur wondering why on earth did Pavi go on a date with a judge?? Well, I didn’t have a choice….so here is the story of how it all happened!

So it was one of those Sundays in Feb when V had to travel on work. Now I’m kinda used to V traveling once in a few weeks, its been close to a year since we are following this routine..but everytime he has to travel I get tensed about how I’m gonna spend the rest of the Sunday and the week! The week actually fly’s by, thanks to work n blogs n chat…but I don’t like any part of the weekend without V. Not sure I’ll ever get used to it…. Anywez…

So V was traveling on United to Vermont. He had checked in online the previous day but could not get a seat. He had a confirmed ticket of course, so nothing to worry about. He left home around 1:45 pm for a 4:45 pm flight. It was about an hour and a half drive to the airport n then he had to park his car and take a shuttle to the main terminal. No check-in luggage. The security lines are unpredictable n that day it was long . Now DC airport sucks! From the main terminal to the other terminals one has to take another shuttle. But of course V had nothing to worry about coz’ he had a confirmed ticket and he had checked in online. He didn’t need more time than he had!

He reaches his gate around 4 pm .The line to the helpdesk at the gate was really long n V waits patiently to get his seat number. Eventually at about 4:20 pm they tell him hez on Stand By and mostly he will not be able to get on that flight as they already have too many people waiting. Now V was beyond shocked ‘coz this ticket was booked like 3 weeks back! The next flight they could put him on was Tues afternoon. Before that all their flights were fully booked.

Right at this time, I call him ‘coz I’m worried that I haven’t got the call to say he’s reached the gate. He tells me what happened n I immediately call United helpdesk. They tell me this kinda stuff is impossible! I mean what audacity!!!! Like I’m so jobless to call up United n make up some fancy story of this sorts!(In my younger days I might have done it.But not this time!I had a confirmation number to prove myself!) They said they can’t help much and he should contact the Airport authorities!! They had clearly overbooked the flight! I figured no point in wasting time with them n tried to look for alternative flights. But none seemed feasible.

V was already in the line for the Airport Helpdesk which was another long queue. It was 4:45 n obviously V’s flight took off without him! The only thing the Airport authorities had to tell V, when he eventually reached the helpdesk was “sorry” and that he could rebook his ticket for a date convenient to him! How generous!! They had no tickets available for that day n so V just rescheduled the trip for 3 weeks later and decided to drive down to Vermont!

He calls me around 6 pm to say that he has booked a rental car n will be driving down to Vermont. Now I was furious. This just didn’t make sense!! It was a 9-10 hrs drive and I didn’t want V driving alone. I was gonna work from home that week, so I told V to come home n pick me up and that we two will drive together. Then I ran in to have a shower (yeah, it was a lazy Sunday n I hadn’t showered till the evening!), packed my bag, n some stuff to eat etc n got ready.

It was 8:30 pm when V reached home, thanks to the traffic, n we set off on the long drive! It was past midnight n we both just wanted to reach Vermont. We thought the evening/night couldn’t get worse. Murphy’s Law has never been so much in action as on that day! N then things did get worse!!

A cop car’s lights flashing at us! Our first time! V’s first time in 3.5 yrs! Sigh! He was doin a 100 on a 60 speed limit. It was 2 AM. There was no soul on the road. We didn’t expect this! V is very tactful while driving fast. He alwez knows when to slow down. His eyes rarely miss the cops. But alas that day was dedicated to troubles! The cop was ruthless. He gave us 6 points and imposed a fine!(sob)

We reached the hotel tired n worn out at about 5:30 AM. Hit the bed and started Monday morning at about 8 AM. Since then V kinda sticks to speed limits! All of it was just too stressful!

6 out of 10 points was too much to have on the license. If he got 10 points his license would be suspended. n so we decided to plead guilty. We made up a fancy story to justify ourselves. (The story will make this long post I’ll skip it!) Our court date was May 13, in Albany! V would make me watch Judge Judy and say “This is how it will be. Be prepared”. For those who haven’t seen the show that Judge is awfully mean!n entertaining!! If ur in the US n have never seen that show, ur missing sumthing!!!

On May 13 things were not too bad. I mean, it could have been worse. We told our story to the lawyer and the points were reduced from 6 to 3 and a fine of 175$ was imposed!

Once we come out of the court all that V has to say is “How boring is the Judge’s job! He just has to read out what the lawyer has scribbled for him on the paper!!” Nothing as exciting as what we thought happenend. Hmmmm…… A boring date indeed!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

A to Z of me…

Was tagged to do this centuries ago by I can't remember who..but chose to do it now...'coz my posts are getting too serious for my liking these days...

The mother of all u-know-what!

Home is where the heart is! Childhood and plenty of amazing memories!

Life’s full of them and each one of them teach a valuable lesson

Ohhh , how much I love it n miss it!

My epitaph will read “Pavi has finished Speaking!” (I think)

Friends & Family
My world

The reason I continue to breathe and enjoy each moment that life offers!

I so badly need one! Seems like it was centuries ago that I had the 2-mth summer vacation!

I love wearing ‘em. Specially Junk-jewellery. If u have the perfect ear-ring , chain, bracelet and finger-ring..u can’t look wrong :)

This is what really matters at the end!

The woman I most respect and admire on this planet

I'm so thankful for this!

I do know my alphabets...Did M twice intentionally

A word I try not to use ‘coz I don’t think anything in this world is permanent

I think I am organized..atleast inside my thots are organized most of the time ;-)

The existence of which I don’t believe

Quote - fav
Everything happens for the best (it really does)
or during the bad-mood days I settle with “Never Give Up”!


A word I say easily! And mean it when I say it!

Thank You
Another word that I say often! And am accused of Being formal for using it so often!

If one understands a person/thing/situation…..would it be a less-complex world??

The 1st letter of the names of most of my crushes and my dear hubby starts with V. Started writing posts about this back in 2006 in my blog and then decided against it! The post on V Factor -part I, remains in my blog 'coz i don't like deleting posts.

Fun, eventful n tiring times… Times that never (should)come back!
Of course I'm talking about one's own wedding here

X –Rays
They say it reveals it all! Reallly? Then how come the docs couldn’t figure out wats wrong wit my knee for the over 9 mths!

Am tired , doing this tag!

Wish I could go back to sleep!But its 10:30 AM on a work-day!!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Of Relationships in Blogsphere

I’d like to believe that most of us who maintain blogs do so for our love of writing, for reaching out to people, as a medium thru’ which we can share our experiences and feelings, to spread awareness about thingswe know and mabbe to make new friends(tho that can’t be the sole reason).
I personally have come across many kinds of people on blogsphere - some of who I have made nice friends with, some who open up my mind thru’ their writings, some who give me a reason to smile everyday, some for whom I Hope n pray that things get better soon, some who remind me of my teen years and a zillion other things- all positive. Honestly, there are a few I like to build a relationship with out of blogsphere but a few others with whom I want to retain my relationship to within blogsphere.

N I believe that’s what it can be. One can’t love or hate a person with whom they have such limited interaction and exposure. One thing we must all remember is that what we know of a person is just’ thru’ what they write and mabbe their comments. So one can’t afford to get judgmental or make assumptions about a person. It would be incorrect.

I’ve noticed people thrashing others in Blogsphere. Getting abusive. Cursing. All without a Reason. All without any explanation. If one does feel wronged I think they should reach out to the person concerned and try have a conversation instead of lashing out at the person in all blogs. It’s a li’l easy for the rest of us to say “Ignore it” to the victim. Well that’s what one does eventually. But it’s annoying and disturbing to start with .

If I don’t get access to a private blog I should be insane to take offense n start thinking that blog is dedicated to bitching about me! The contents of a private blog are only for the eyes of those who the author has granted access. It is not ethical for this information to be shared with others. That too incorrect information!!!

I always thought that one common trait of everyone in Blogsphere is that we love to write. This joy is taken away when such stuff occurs. This joy is taken away when anonymous commenters leave behind inappropriate messages. I’m forced to write about similar kind of stuff repeatedly ‘coz such incidents keep happening with someone or the other n I don’t want to take a diplomatic stand or keep quiet about this.I want to stand up and say i disapprove of such stuff!!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Random Thoughts….

Some of u wanted to know wat I did on my B’day..How it was…. Well it wasn’t like every year….

We went to this v. exquisite place for dinner.I got wishes thru’ e-mails, e-cards, comments on my blog, the phone, scraps on orkut , IM etc…they all felt good. Some of it was AS Expected, some was More than what I Expected, Some was totally Unexpected and a few was Lesser than what I Expected.

I’m not going to get into details. But this was a different B’day. The first of its kind. Mabbe that’s how B’days become as one grows up. How unfortunate!

Not very long back I had a dream. Not a nice one, so I’m not telling you the details. I can never remember dreams when I wake up, wonder why I had to remember this one!!Posting about my dream will force me to relive the dream and also have me looking back at it ‘n’ times..Both of which I don’t want to do. But this dream had me thinking thru’ some things…

After this dream, in my head I had a message to a certain someone – “I hope atleast now u realize my value in ur Life. Hope u miss me and realize the role I play in ur life”. This for someone who matters helluva lotn to whom I should matter helluva lot!!! I don’t feel good about it.

Tell me if u think doing the following is being pessimistic. Give me ur immediate reaction 1st and then ponder over it and tell me what you think is RIGHT

- Writing one’s will in the Twentys.
- Signing up one’s organs for donation as soon as one realizes that such an option exists. Mabbe when one is 12 yrs old?
- Deciding on who’ll take care of ur babies/kids/children once both u n ur spouse gone? At which point do u think this decision should be made?

If you can think of any other Qs like this, which are hard to answer but probably must be answered, feel free to ask.

PS: I’m not in the best of moods. I’m hoping it’s the usual yearly feeling I have after my B’day and therez nothing more to it. But this yr it wasn’ t even all that special a Day. Darn! I donno wats wrong :(

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Sum it up to Eight!

Tagged by solitaire

8 Things I’m Passionate About

- Life (Of course)
- Talking…. Yeah I loveeeeeee talking!
- Reading
- Writing
Can’t think of anything else that I’m passionate about. Now don’t judge me!

8 Things I want to do before I die

- Have a Child
-Donate Blood (yeah , seems an impossible task coz all docs think I don’t have enuf blood just looking at me!)
- Travel
- Write long letters to some people on paper with pen
- Learn Driving( another one that seems impossible)
- Work in a Social organization for sometime
- Work in the Psychology/ Counseling field

8 Words I say often

- Oh My God!
-Thank You
- Hey
- !!!!!!

8 Songs I could listen to over n over again
This is the only place wherein 8 seems too less!

- Leaving on a Jet Plane: John Denver
- A Thousand Miles: Venesa carlton
- Iris : Goo Goo Dolls
- Hands in my pocket: Alanis Morisette
- I Believe I can fly: R. Kelly
- Allah ke bandhe : Kailash Kher
- Yeh safar bahut hai khatin : 1942 A Love Story
- Netr illadh matram ennadho : Pudhiya Mugam (Tamil)

8 Books I’ve Read recently

- Lipstick Jungle (Reading)
- Not without My Daughter
- A Thousand Splendid Suns
- I never promised you a Rose Garden
I can't remember before this

8 Things that attract me to my Dear Friends

- They accept me for who I am
- They are there for me (even when I think I can manage on my own)
- For being as Goofy n loony as it gets!
- They pamper me
- They never need an “explanation”
- They entertain my idea of celebrating my B’day all month long without complaining
- They never ask to be reassured about how much they mean to me
- They Never forget my Happy B’day!

8 people I tag
- Harish ( Whoz back to Bloggin)
- RayRay
- Keshi (‘Coz I’ve never seen u do a tag!)
- CG
- Ashu
- Kartik (‘Coz I want to make u write sumthing I can read!)
- Mez
- Samby

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Questions to God

I wish I could meet God..not coz I have a wish-list that need immediate attention but ‘coz I have a list of Qs for which I need answers… ASAP! . I want to ask God What was his plan

->When a relationship that has survived so many years n almost defined love suddenly breaks up?
->When he kills the husband (who has been very healthy and shows no symptoms of death) just months before a couple celebrates their 25th Wedding Anniversary
->When he breaks up/separates a couple who have been married for 25 odd years
->When he kills the father of a 18-yr old.
->When he doesn’t give a baby to a couple who has been praying for one for many many yrs
->When a woman gets pregnant inspite of the couple not planning to have a baby...
->...n then they grow to love their li’l one..look forward to its birth but eventually the baby is born dead?

I want to know what God was thinking thru’ all these events that he planned.

N See this… Incredible Modern India indeed!

PS: None of the above Qs is a piece of my imagination. All of it is the reality happening to some people I know!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ur View..

If some faceless and nameless character told u nasty things about another faceless but named person..would u believe it? Would u give it a 2nd thought and think of the probability of truth in the nasty things? Would your attitude towards the named person change?

Does a faceless and nameless character have the right to voice his/her opinion on the named person ?

If the Nasty comments are ignored, would u think the person is Accepting all that is being said as the truth?

I want YOUR view only if your willing to share your name

PS: Name could be blogname or ur actual name or ur email!

Monday, April 21, 2008


This post does not intend to offend to anyone.

I love my country. I really do. N I absolutely adore Bangalore. After all home is where the heart is!

N Being away from India for the last 1 yr….has made it possible for me to point out the specifics of what I really like about India and Indians and the things which really annoy me.

Being in the USA…I really yearn for some “Indian stuff”. Like while in India I would not crave Indian food but now I do. I would not get excited about huge get-togethers at home, but now I look forward to it. I was not into watching too many Indian movies, but now I kinda do. I had stopped watching cricket after the match-fixing controversy, but now I’m following the IPL matches pretty closely! I love meeting fellow Indians n talking a dozen about India n this n that …

‘Coz of some experiences I feel I Indians are the biggest discriminators I’ve come across….I’ve listed below some of these experiences and u can feel free to share ur experience.

- During my 1st few weeks in the US, I realized the culture here is to say “Hello , How r u”…to pretty much any1 who crosses ur way. N even back in India I used to keep smiling at strangers..There it was a kind of problem, Here it wasn’t and so I was more than happy to smile at any1 and every1. Now, most Indians have seem to hv learnt this culture. But the problem is they practice it with only the phirangis..not other “fellow” Indians. I don’t get it! What is their problem in smiling at Indians?!?!

- My hubby’s office has mostly Telugu- speaking people. They speak to each other in their language knowing very well that some ppl don’t u’stand it. They don’t care about it and I believe scream across the office to each other in Telugu. Even the Americans don’t like it. All the Telugu-ites lunch together and my hubby is not welcome to this daily lunch routine of theirs. And there have been a few parties to which only he was not invited coz hes not telugu-speaking! Not like he cares! But I find it ridiculous!

- On Jan 1st….we had gone to the temple. It’s a routine..I follow every yr. So while we were eating the yummy food at the temple.. there was this girl n 2 guys sitting opposite us. She was talking in Tamil about some friend of hers (From her conversation I gathered shez from Chennai) n she tells the guys ..”Yeah X is like tht..anywez wat else can u expect from Blr n pune gurls..All of ‘em drink n smoke”! I could have slapped her, really! Not coz I care abt wat she thinks but coz shes sitting in a temple and b***h-ing shamelessly! I think drinking n smoking is okay…but not wat she was doing!

Back in India I hear

- Karnataka and Tamil Nadu continue to fight over water (They have been fighting over it on n off for the last n years!). It won’t take more than a day in Blr for u to realize that Blr has very few kannadigas. The place has Tamils, North-Indians, ppl from Nepal, the north-east and wat not. So the kannadigas(Not all. Mostly the politicians and a few jobless ppl) got insecure. They got smart and said that movies of any other language will be released only 1 mth after its release in the rest of India. They were trying to make ppl watch Kannada movies…For heavensake! Obviously it din’t work. If they send non-kannadigas out of Blr….there won’t be any Blr!

- Shiv sena is trying similar stuff in Mumbai. My friend retaliates…If there were no Gujjus , Mumbai would have no money! I can’t help feeling sad!

These people have truly lost it! Sense of humor is okay…But I’m tired of hearing abt north-Indian(NI), south-Indian(SI). 2 people (1 my friend) who were roomies were arguing…I don’t like NI..coz they eat only roti! The other one says I don’t like SI coz they eat too much rice! Phew! Why can’t people eat what they want and stop categorizing according to language n state!

Isn't Unity in Diversity suppose to be a matter of pride for India?

If each one of us start truly n honestly reflecting on our behavior…we’ll realize, that probably we also discriminate. Sometimes in a subtle manner and at other times quite obviously! Being affectionate towards out hometown, the place we grew up, our mother-tongue is not wrong. But ridiculing all else is most definitely not Right!

I feel sad to say Indians are indeed the biggest Discriminators I’ve come across!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Hide n Seek Pic

Here is the pic ..I promised I would post.The 1st pic I'm posting on blogger! Wah Wah..kya achievement hai?! ;-) For details on Hide n Seek..pls read the post below.

In the pic

The one on the rite is Pankaj...He wasn't hidin there...he couldn't fit in (only small me could!!) but he insisted on being a part of the pic!

We had the cupboard doors closed(obviously, we were playing hide n seek!!). Nam would stand rite in front of the cupboard and cry with frustration about not being able to find us and that were playing an "ILLEGAL game"!!!!!(Watever he meant by that?!) Harry was sitting on top and munching away some nuts(God knows how many yrs old!) happily. I look comfortably tucked in, but my legs did hurt. All 3 of us tried to not breathe too loudly or giggle, lest the whining boy heard us n we did succeed!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hide n Seek

Part of the ‘Crazzzy Times” series.

In my college we had many guys who had come from different parts of India and not local-ites… ‘coz of that there were 3 bachelor houses – Nam’s place , Vek’s place(my 1st home during college days!) and Tavrakare home. All of us would gang up at one of these places for lunch or on holidays or random afternoons when there was no class. Those were such fun times…n the cooks in each of these guys’ places were AWESOME! So yummy food was guaranteed.

On one such holiday we all ganged up at Nam’s place. I can’t recollect for lunch or after lunch. N then having nothing to do…we decided we’ll play hide-n-seek. The people on scene were: Tarun, Nam, Pankaj, Harry, Varsha, Sowm, Div and Yours Truly! (Not too sure if I’m missing out any1). A few argument and finally we decided on who has to Seek. The game was fun and so was the day… The particular incidents which make this day so memorable are :

This one time when Pankaj was trying to push me onto the attic…He lifted me up and kept pushing me. It was real filthy up there (Attics generally are and imagine an Attic at a Bachelor’s place!). I was like “Pankaj pls leave me..i cant go up ther…Stop pushing me up. Drop me down.” But in vain! I kicked him hard and he let me free…by then I didn’t have much time to find a good hiding spot and so I jumped onto the bed and pulled the blanket over me! N Hahahahaha..i could not be spotted! Being small does pay off!

Tarun had to seek n we all locked ourselves up in 1 room. He knew we were in there and kept knocking on the door. Bu we refused to open it..n were inside dancing to some music ;-)

N then the best part..we hid in the cupboard... 3 of us- Sowm, Harry n me! Nam had to find us and after about 2-3 turns he gave up n stared whining.. “I’m tired, I cant find ‘em. Not fair!Boo hoo!" Haha…Thinking of it makes me Laugh Out Loud!

N after all the masti we got into some crazzzy pillow fights! Pankaj beat Div so bad, he left a mark on her hand.It was black for a week!

N then we started water fight. Throwing water all over the place. Varsha emptied the dustbin, filled water in it and started throwing it over every1! Ewwwwwwww

Those days will never be back! Thank God for memories!

PS: I will upload the pic of us hiding in the cupboard once I’ve figured out how to!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Blogsphere is talking so much about Friendship and so I decided its time I publish this post that has been in draft forever now!

Let me first start by saying I do not have a Best Friend and take plenty of care to avoid creating that relationship with any of my Friends. Now before u feel sad for me or feel like advising me on why its kinda essential to have atleast one Best Friend, please read on.

As a child..I became really close to this girl in my class. In Class V and VI she and I were best friends. She was a Punjabi, fair n all. N I was a Bangalorean a li’l dark n all. We spent quite sometime together n I really grew close to her. It din’t matter to me that her li’l sis(class I) would walk upto us and tell her “ Didi, mamma told u not to have lunch with the kaali South Indian girl. I’ll tell mummy” . (I guess her mom had something against dark ppl or south Indians)We continued to visit each other’s home and I can’t recollect any bad treatment. N then at the end of class VI , her family moved to Delhi. We exchanged a few letters initially but slowly lost touch. I often wonder how and what Shireen Warickoo is doing. I looked for her on Orkut but in vain.Did she stop writing to me ‘coz she found new friends or did her mom not let her write to me. It used to hurt me for quite a bit then. I had lost my 1st Best Friend!

Class VIII & IX.. I grew really close to “A”. We were so called ‘Best Friends’ I will not mention her name ‘coz im yet in touch with her. We were quite grown up then. It was time for dirty jokes n pranks n loads of masti. In school I was known as “chatter-Box” as I talked endlessly and was an "average" student. My friend A was part of the gang playing pranks and laughing at dirty jokes but she was a “good” student. Her mom was in touch with plenty of the school teachers. School reopened in June and Class IX began. She was behaving a li’l weird; not talking like we always do. On June 9th , she told me that her mom had told her that our LKG teacher (Pam ma’am) had warned aunty to ask A to stop being my friend and hanging out with me as I wasn’t a good girl. I don’t remember if there was an explanation given. But I know I was stumped n hurt that...
- A teacher could b***h about their own students! Pam Ma’am had seen me as a 4 yr old and this is what she was telling mothers about me!
- My friend’s mother thought it appropriate to give her 14 yr old daughter this information
- My “Best Friend” was getting influenced by this information!

For 2 months, we both would walk away from each other, try not looking into each other’s eyes n all that. It really was so hard to do. I recollect having gone home and crying to my ma about it and she asked me to not care about such people. N then on Friendship Day A gave me the most beautiful card ‘Sorry’ card n letter. It was hard not to accept it. We were back to being friends.

Again in Class XII, we both had some problems n this time after several months when we started conversing again. We never went back to what we were, though she was special until about early 2007.

When I started college. I had already lost faith in Best Friends. But there used to be one girl “D” (who I’m in touch with). She n I were good friends. But slowly I realized I couldn’t live upto her expectations. She was extremely possessive of me and was v. insistent about us being Best Friends. She wanted me to keep her posted if I met with any of my other friends and was so jealous about it!We used to fight so often and it used to make me so sad and helpless.It was hard to explain or rationalize things wit her. It is yet so hard!

Now I have a couple of people in my life..who mean the world to me. Among these people there is just 1 girl and the rest all guys. Since my college days I’ve realized it’s so much easier to be friends with a guy! They expect less and that way the relationship remains good. That 1 girl has been one of the pillars that support my life!These people are my dearest friends who I trust! I will not call ‘em my BEST FRIENDS ‘coz I’m scared I’ll lose them the minute I assign that tag!

PS:I have been holding back this post for so long ‘coz I was worried abt hurting some people. If any of u reading this post was that Best friend of mine, pls don’t be hurt. U know, I just said the truth.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Visit to the Cup Vision Lady

This is the 1st of my blog series of “Those Crazzy Times” . This week I’ve been catching up with loads of friends and we have been talking so much about the ol’ times and the gone-by days. So I’m super nostalgic n decided to blog abt the fun times! Here goes the story about The Cup Vision Lady:

September 2004

So Div (my dearest friend) n I were at work. These were the times in life when every li’l thing seemed like it was the end of the world and both of us were confused n worried about certain things in or life! One of our friends told us about this Cup Vision Lady(Ms Nawalghani) and how she was “so right” when she predicted the future. We call Ms Nawalghani and ask when we can come, how much she charges, where she is at etc etc. She was quite expensive, I think 700 Rs for one session per person. But we had started earning it would be allright. N she said we must go that afternoon ‘coz she would be out of Bangalore for a month after that.That did it. We decided we must visit her.

Both of us tell our manager that we are sick and took half day off work.We took an auto to reach her place in shivajinagar from Dairy Circle. The stairway to her place was so narrow. We were a bundle of nerves, I remember. We knock on her door and there was this lady with reallly long frizzy brown hair, left open. She was tall and kinda huge, the magician types..if u know wat im talking about (Wish I had clicked pictures, but we din’t have a camera back then). She called her maid to attend to us. The maid made us sit in this roof garden kinda place. It looked so old n rusted. The maid told us she ll be right back. We had 2 mins to talk n both of us were freaked out by how Ms. Nawalghani looked!

The maid comes back n she gives us this coffee cup with black coffee in it. N asked us to drink most of it and leave behind a little. We were like…. OMG! We have to drink sumthing,wat if its poisoned or had sumthing to drug us?! We hadn’t even told our parents we were coming here. No one but the 2 of us knew where we were at.We hadn't said our last good-byes!We were contemplating walking away. But the “miseries of life and desire to know the future” got the better of us and we stayed back.

Now I really don’t like black coffee so with lot of difficulty I gulped it down. It tasted bad! Div din’t mind the taste at all. The maid came n took away our cups and then we sat waiting by ourselves for several minutes.mabbe 15 mins. n then we were called in one-by-one. Both of us wanted to go in together n din’t mind each other’s presence n so we did.

Ms Nawalghani asked us to look into our cups n think of the Qs we wanted to ask her. We did n then she started with my cup. It was weird..they way she kept looking into the cup deep like she was studying something and answering my Qs in exactly the same order that I had thought of them in my head! N some of what she said has actually come true. For Eg, she told me I’ll marry a guy whoz in Canada and Vinod is in Vermont, 2 hrs drive from Canada!

Even Div had the same kind of experience with her.

We are not sure if we blv her or not. But it was fun ‘coz both of us din’t take it too seriously n believed in what we wanted to believe in. It was fun n till date we laugh about it.

After that we both met up with S n vek (our friends) n had an awesome night out :). Oh those crazzzy times... how much I miss ‘em!

PS: I yet have Nawalghani’s business card if any of u want her number !!!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Everything Does Happen for the Best

Those who know me…know that I take on the role of playing “Aunt Agony” often n can go on endlessly with my gyaan. A blogger friend who I recently added on gtalk will vouch for this. This post is mainly for her and I would like to share this story with the rest of u all as well.

So gyaan sessions almost always ends with “Keep the smile and faith. Remember Everything Happens for the Best”. I’m not sure how or by whom this idea about everything happening for the best got into my head. But it did and even back in school days I remember saying and believing in it strongly. This is what pulls me thru’ a zillion hard situations in life. But one situation made me Q this thought..

When I started working, I had a colleague, let’s call her ‘A’. We were initially just that, colleagues and went on to become good friends. We would talk endlessly and confide in each other. She shared with me an incident that had happened to her sister about 2 months back. Her sister, say ‘S’, was seeing a guy n the 2 of ‘em were supposedly madly in love with each other. They had told parents on either side abut the relationship and sought agreement to marriage. They were waiting for A to get married as she was the elder one and then planned to get married themselves. The details of their love story was simply so beautiful. The guy was into trekking and hiking and other adventure sports and was visiting Bangalore for one such trekking expedition. He lost balance and fell off the cliff. He didn’t survive. S’s life became empty. The families were shattered. It was unbelievable that, he could be snatched away like that… Just like that!
When I heard this story…I couldn’t say my fav words, words that I believed in so much.. “Keep the smile and faith. Remember everything happens for the best”. I felt weak and couldn’t face S. Inside my brains I really struggled , trying to find a reason, draw some explanation as to what good would come.

S met another guy, ‘G’, who she fell in love with. Then began the process of her faith in life being restored.Things started looking sunny n beautiful again.

I begun to gain back the faith in my fav words. Mabbe they were true.

S and G got married in Feb. They look so happy n content together! Touchwood!

And I 2nd and 3rd the words “Keep the smile and faith. Remember Everything Happens for the Best”. There is a reason why God chooses to make happen all that happens. It’s important to trust, do our bit and leave the rest to him.

PS : Story -Telling is not my skillset, pls u'stand that thats not wat this post is about.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Doubts and Feedback


I have been blogging since Dec 2004, but donno much about blosphere. I am lazy and din’t feel like googling , so I thot I would get my doubts clarified by you guys ..

1. When I post a comment on some of ur blogs I get prompted to enter some random text before I can hit on the submit button. I find it very irritating, coz I rarely manage to get those letters right the 1st time. Any idea why those letters appear? Does it appear for all of u all as well? Any suggestions on how I can avoid them?

2. Is there a way that I can get an alert each time you update ur blog?

3. Some blogs are “private”. For such blogs can I approach the blogger n ask for permission to read the blog or is it wrong to ask coz the author would invite the readers whom they are okay with sharing their blogs anyway?

4. How does one put up polls? (I don’t plan to put up one, but might sometime in the future!)

5. How does one add a ‘C-Box’ ? C-Box works like an instant messenger, right? (I don’t plan to add one, but am curious!)

6. In a couple of comments I read discussions on people (not) getting “Feeds”. What are these Feeds?

7. How do I give out Awards?

8. What must I do to get awards ? ;-)


Please be frank, I appreciate honesty. I will try my best to make changes based on the feedback I get from you. Kindly don’t be rude

1. Do u wish I got rid of the exclamation marks by my name?

With Respect to blogging, please complete the following :

1. U wish I would start..

2. U wish I would stop…

3.U wish I continued..

Thanks for clarifying my doubts and giving me ur feedback.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

To Have or Not To Have

A few weeks back I saw the movie Juno. I enjoyed it. For those of you who haven’t seen the movie, its about a 16-year old getting pregnant and having a baby and finally giving up the baby for adoption.

I thought it takes talent to handle such a serious subject in such a light-hearted manner. The movie was fun. The dialogues were great. The screenplay writer was a 1st timer and she was a stripper before she came into Hollywood. She won an oscar for the movie. Ellen Page rocks! She’s so cute n peppy , looks 16 yrs old and was nominated for an oscar!
If u’ve seen the Hindi movie “kya kehna” which handles the same subject..u’ll u’stand when I say this movies is sooooo much better!

One common thread of discussion that came up whoever I spoke to about the , the movie is so not to be seen by teenagers, specifically American teenagers. They’ll think life is sooo easy! Get knocked up, have ur baby (its just 9 mths of trouble) and give away the baby to someone lese. Even the way the parents’ in the movie react when their daughter tells ‘em that she is pregnant is weird! They are too cool . I can’t even imagine what my parents would have done to me if I had gone to them with this kinda news at the age of 16 when I was in class X.!

I was watching some TV show on the movie and heard that the movie was made to spread the msg that “Abortion is to be avoided. Abortion is not the only solution to teenage pregnancies. Teenage pregnancies are bad, but not end of the world. There is an alternate solution available.” So the Q for u all is: To Have or Not Have the Baby?

Yeah, abortion as such does sound wrong. Two people have sex (or a few rare cases make love) and by-mistake create a new being. As this li’l one was not a part of their plans they want to destroy the baby! Its not the baby’s fault!All Beings are created by God and it is incorrect to abort….actually KILL the baby before (s)he is born. Rite? MABBE!

Though I haven’t been thru’ it I am sure giving birth to a baby isn’t all that easy for any woman.I don't think it is essential for me to explain what a nightmare life would be if the teenage mother chooses to keep the baby. Bringing up a child is obviously not easy. I’ve heard and agree that the mother develops a unique bond with the li’l one and it won’t be so easy to give it up to some strangers or friends and carry on with life like nothing happened at the end of those 9 mths. Me thinks it would haunt a mother for a long time if not all thru’ her life .She would want to know where n how her baby is doing. But let’s assume the teenage mother doesn’t really feel that bond for the baby and is ready to give it up…

Even then, I’m pretty sure 9 months doesn’t fly by when one is pregnant. For starters ur body is going to look weird and behave weirder. Society is going to ridicule you. It won’t be as easy to go back to school/college and NORMAL life. The after-effects will remain for many years before the gurl can get back to regular living and the baby-incident fades from the minds of society. So, Abortion is the best solution. Rite? MABBE!