Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Galadriel thought i deserved this

my very first award n boy! am I excited! thanks so much gurl...

I'm required to give it away..like a passing trophy...n here are the people I would like to share this award with :

Harish : The reason for the existence for my blog. His blog inspired me to start writing and he gave my blog its title..Shorty Speaks , which i adore! Also, hes back writing n his fan-count is surely nsteadily increasing :) keep it goin Pl***y :D

Solitaire : Thanks to Psychobabble, i resumed writing after my long hiatus. It is a blog which served as a great inspiration, which helped reflect on one's own life, which helped open so many people's brains, which served as a great forum for discussions, which helped gather different perspectives and the blog 'coz of which i got to know so many of you all. never let this blog die Sneha :)

PS : She calls herself "Just a Mother of Two" n anyone whoz read her blog will know she is so much more than that! Seems to be a super-mom, super-wife, super-friend, super-writer n in sum-total a super-woman! If u haven't checked it out yet, go here to keep track of her upcoming book, 34 Bubblegums and Candies. Yes! shes a published writer! Wish u more success PS:)

Ray Ray : Therz never a dull moment on this gurl's blog. The way she narrates all of her experiences is so humorous. The fun element is rarley missing from this blog n the consistency at which they come is also sumthing to be appreciated! Keep 'em coming Ray Ray.

n yes once they start coming..they keep coming...Here is wat Harish gave me

n u guessed rite..I can't stop smiling :)

Friday, September 05, 2008


Do u know wat I’m talking about?

If u donno ur probably thinking, well..it has google n wats new about google..Chrome..so it must be something about Chrome that every1 seems to be raving about…..

Discomgoogolation has nothing to do with Chrome. But yes Chrome is super cool, I installed it yesterday n am lovin it….mite bid good-bye to I.E. except some websites don’t work on chrome…(oops I’m digressing)

Discomgoogolation is a problem that internet addicts could be suffering from. It is a feeling of distress and anxiety when one can’t access the internet.

To read more about it click Here

2-3 months back I would have been sure that I’m suffering from this thing..(bored to type that long word again, n I cant seem to remember the spelling!) But the good news is that I may not be…n I know that, ‘coz I didn’t have a need to check blogs, emails, orkut or do anything else on the web during my vacation in India. Its only when I’m at home (here in the US) or I’m at work that I have this desperate need for the internet! So, could have the problem partially!

Are u suffering from discomgoogolation??( phew!last time im typing that word!) . I wonder why its such a complicated name, like they wanted to make sure no one remembers it n also, wonder why they dragged google(..goog..) into it….

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

No Knowing me…

Shruti tagged me centuries ago..shez probably even forgotten that she tagged me n given up on me…But I promised her that I’ll get to it..sometime..n finally the time has come…

So I’m suppose to list 5 unknown facts about me..n as I think over it, the only kind of facts that come into my head are the ones that I can’t be telling anyone..there are so many of those, that it shocks me; n those I can’t list here for obvious reasons..so yes there is No Knowing me completely.

On thinking more, here is some lame stuff I came up with:

->I come across as very transparent n the “tells it all” kinds….but the reality is I have some secrets which absolutely no one knows about. N these are my secrets that I hope no one will ever know. One of the reasons why I’m as scared of being hypnotized as much as I’m excited!

->I get very worried about my weight at times! Yes, I look small…but weight in the wrong places worries me so much..specially when I know therz no easy way to get rid of the excess!

->I donno how to apply make-up. Really. All that I know how to apply is kajal n lipstick..n that also ..im not the best at. I have no clue how to apply mascara, eye-liner, lip-liner yada yada n I don’t own any such thing! N yes, im a gurl.:)

->RayRay recently enlightened me about this. I have no idea what’s the difference between cartoons, comic, animated characters et all…n I don’t have the inclination to learn! I think they are all the same n dislike ‘em all.

->There are times when I pretend like Everything is alrite, n give everyone a happy sunny picture of my life, when that’s not what it is in reality….just hopin that sumtime(not too late) it WILL, all be ALRITE!