Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Am Thrilled!

Guess Wat…. I got a mail.. a mail from my school principal..yes, the place which was my world for 14 full years.. n she mailed me asking if I can write an article for the Special Edition of the School Magazine. U know how it is…when the people who taught u alphabets, articles, prepositions, grammar, punctuations, words ‘et all…asks u to write an essay..putting together all of that, so many years later. I’m thrilled n excited n nervous!

When I visited India, My sis n I had gone to school. We wanted to meet a few teachers and enquire about admissions for Rishab(sister’s son). Though there were a whole lot of new teachers, there were a whole bunch of the old ones too. My LKG teacher was yet there! To think she attended our weddings n now is there to see our li’l one grow..was so emotional for us. On seeing us one of the teachers exclaimed ..”Oh My God! Look at you sisters. You haven’t changed at all. If you were in your uniform I would have reprimanded you for being out of class. You girls haven’t aged! N Sumathi , u have a son? Unbelievable !!” Yes, we were super happy! It feels so good to see your teachers look at you and beam with pride about how well their “products” have turned out. They had put in their life n soul into making these products n their effort seems to be worth it, atleast in their eyes.

Our HM, was complaining about how times have changed so much. About how today’s parents are so interfering and panic over every li’l thing their child goes back home n tells them. She was telling us about how during those days they could freely scold us and give us punishments when we had done wrong (which I’m sure every child does) but how that isn’t possible today. She said Children have learnt to spin yarns and parents believe everything the child says. She was also telling us about how parents were so desperate to showcase their child and keep showin-off about wat all their child could do. One feels like it’s a competition among the parents for which they use their children.
Now I’m sure this is not true of all parents. But yes I’ve seen many parents like this, who love to keep talking about n show-casing their child’s talents at any given opportunity. They don’t want anyone to scold their child. N I don’t think that’s a very healthy way of growing up.

BTW I got this mail from my principal Monday morning and have been thinking of what I can write about…Any suggestions?

Friday, August 22, 2008

The Move

Alrite…so one of the things I promised to write about is the move…so here I go…This one is long.

We moved to Vermont from Maryland for a whole bunch of reasons, the details of which I’m not getting into.

V n I had foreseen busy times keeping in mind my India trip and so started packing the Memorial Day weekend…Whenever V traveled to Vermont, he took a few bags/boxes with him…so it wouldn’t be that bad finally..

From when I returned from India we had 12 days including 1 weekend to finish packing, cleaning up the apartment etc etc…Seemed do-able, though strenuous… until the point when I was told I’ll have to travel for a week…That left us with 12-4 , 8 days out of which there were 6 working days! Gosh! Those were tiring times!

We were moving on Saturday. I got back home on Thursday late night. On Friday office work wasn’t too stressful. N I was thankful coz there was so much of packing n cleaning to do.

We used to stay in the 3rd floor and after much lookin around had not found any help with carryin stuff down. V n I was to carry everything down by ourselves! Sigh! The plan was to load the trailer Fri afternoon/evening and then start the journey of about 12 hrs on Saturday early morning. But the uhaul chap couldn’t fix the trailer to the car that evening..n so our plan was delayed. Of course we were bugged…but finished packing n cleaning n etc etc n hit the sack around midnite in preparation for a long day ahead.

On Saturday we carried the couch n mattress n futon n Dining table n chairs n TV n book shelf n this n that all by ourselves down 3 floors. It took us 4 hrs to load the trailer. We showered n left around 2 pm. We thought the worst was over. Little did we know what was ahead!

The drive went well for most parts until we were about 3 hours from home..n there was thunderstorm n rain. V managed to drive thru that tho it slowed us down considerably. N then close to midnite, when we were abt 30 miles from our new home the car started making some weird noise..we pulled over..checked for a bit couldn’t really spot anything that could be fixed n so carried on..After 10 mins..when we were 20 miles away from what was to be our home sweet home…the car seized! Ya it just seized n wouldn’t start! We dialed a zillion numbers including uhaul insurance n car insurance n yada yada…Finally after abt 2 hours , our solution came from a call to the local police department. We were told towing vehicles will be sent. All this while..it was raining.

When we finally got home it was around 4 am on Sunday.

The car engine was gone and we had to get it replaced. We didn’t have a car for more than a week. N in the US, specially Vermont that’s a nightmare! I had a flight Monday early morning…n the bad luck with my travels has stuck on! I’m so tired of cars that won’t start and delayed flights.. Even people at work are wondering why im having this spree of bad luck with regard to travel…but well that’ll be another long post… which I’ll spare u of.

BTW as a reward to ourselves for goin thru all that we did..We got ourselves a new 32’’ HDTV :D..the Hubby’s idea of course!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pact Keeper

3 boys, an insane conversation, endless laughs, unlimited nonsense, some boy (or mabbe men)..k lets call it guy talk and (of course) Me….lead to me being assigned the role of a pact keeper! N I’m super thrilled about it!

So the guys sign a pact every once in a while….n I am the keeper! Yayeeeeee…Wat exactly my responsibilities are…I’m not sure..but the boys MUST tell me the details of the pact when they sign it and also details about when each one of them fulfills it! That was enough motivation for me to take up the role.

I tell u these guys are whackos and the pacts are interesting! Hints/updates on the pacts can be read here . But don’t say I didn’t warn u ..that it may not make sense to u!

K lets play hot or cold…Why don u people guess wat kinda pacts guys make..(should be easier for u men!)

Yayyeeeeeeee yayeeeeeeee yayeeeeeeee.. I am a Guys’ Pact Keeper !

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Orkut says

Today's fortune: If your desires are not extravagant they will be granted.

Alrite...accepted..now can someone please define extravagant for me??

Friday, August 01, 2008

N I’m Back

Finalllllllllllllllllllly.. I found the energy, time n mood to update my blog…ya if any1 of this is missing…it’s a problem…the blog says dormant…n this time…all 3 were missing.

Thanks to all of u all who left behind comments for me. I ll reply to each one of u all soon. N thank you so much for not forgettin me.

I came back from vacation on the 13th of July n since then have been busy with work, traveling on work, packing, moving(details in another post) and reading most of ur spaces. Life has truly never been busier…n I’m hoping I’ll get to heave a sigh of relief soon!

Yes, yes, yes my vacation was great. I got pampered silly n spoilt rotten (by parents, relatives, inlaws n few friends). I got to do some things that I wished to do n didn’t get to do the rest. But overall it was nice.

Traveling alone wasn’t as bad as I thot it would be…but some ppl I tell u are so stooopid. Specially those holding clerical jobs. No offence meant to any1.Ya, I ll write abt this too in another post.

It was gr8 to see my home…so much has changed n so much hasn’t; If u know wat I mean. I think the most obvious changes were in Rishab (sister’s 2 ½ yr old son) and my nana-nani-ji. The li’l one had grown up too fast and my grandfolks were also getting old too soon. Everyone else was the same. When it was time to say bye…Rishab was the hardest to say bye to.(will write a post on the li’l brat later !!)

There’s a new Sweet Chariot store opened at about 3 mins walking distance from home and a new chaat shop. Had yummmmmmy home-made food, veg puffs , chaat, masal dosa etc etc etc. Lazzy Lazzy days. No one would let me do any work. I had almost forgotten how to cook when I returned n V bought that for a few days:)

My first time alone with inlaws was fabulous! We had fun bitchin abt V endlessly :P n missed him lots too !

When it was time to return, I was actually ready to return. It didn’t feel as bad as I thought it would feel. One part of it was missing V. But I was also missing work n home n yada yada yada. N that was nice for me. Now I know I’ve moved on. My love for Blr hasn’t decreased but I’m open to living in another place w/o thinking “I’m missing so much”. I feel good going back home after a year or 2, having a great vacation n then resuming life…

N yes..since I’ve come back I’ve had so much to do on the home n work front that I’ve more than made-up for my lazy days in India. I so badly n desperately need a break!

oh ya, I almost forgot...welcome back to my space u all...I hope u've been good, as told :)