Friday, July 10, 2009

Ryan and Dakota.....we wait for thee!

Pavi took When will you have children, what will you have and what will there names be

/* Insert a VERY CUTE pic of 2 babies here , 'coz i donno how to embed the same! */

You will have Twins 1 Boy and 1 Girl
You have the best of both worlds
They will be born on January 27 2017
They will be born naturally
They will be called Ryan and Dakota
Ryan will have Brown Hair and Blue eyes
Dakota will have Blonde Hair and Green Eyes
Ryan will grow up to be in the RAF
Dakota will be a stay at home mum with 5 Girls and will marry a Millionaire

- If our daughter's husband is a millionaire, she becomes one too n thereby we,her parents too become millionaires rite?like, by default? with zero effort from our side...except of course the effort of making her!
- Can u imagine in her times Dakota is going to be a stay-at-home mom with 5 girls ?! I'm tellin u...times are changing... DRASTICALLY!
-RAF is Royal Army Airforce no??? not too bad either !
- So can someone now tell do V n I...who look as desi as we do, produce childrern with brown/blonde hair and green/blue eyes?
-2017 : seeems far far away ; will have to make some changes to our early retirement plan!

/* For those of you who think i've gone cuckoo...this is a test I took on FB this morning!*/

I couldnt resist bloggin i can visit this years later n validate it. n mabbe sue FB 'coz things didn't happen as it promised! ...see there are many ways of becoming a's just got to THINK!

PS: I really thank FB for providing such a comic relief to life n other such complicated matters!